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6 Parimarjan Negi India 13 years, 4 months, 22 days 1993 In October 2007, Karjakin finished second to Bu Xiangzhi in the Blindfold Chess World Cup in Bilbao, scoring 17 points after five wins, two draws and three losses (the scoring system was 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss).[17]. In the last round Carlsen drew with Peter Leko while Karjakin won against Baadur Jobava. In 2004, he won the US Championship, the youngest  since Fischer.The Polgar sisters (Susan, Sofia, and Judit) were all chess prodigies. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! In April, he participated in the fifth edition of Shamkir Chess, finishing third with a score of 5/9 (+1−0=8). We now have 10 year old masters and a 12 year old grandmaster. Tani is getting better. He was an International Master at the age of 12. [28] Karjakin won the eighth game,[29][30][31] but lost the tenth, leaving the match tied 6-6. There is often widespread attention when a young player defeats a Grandmaster, whether in a standard tournament game or less formal conditions. [46] He was previously married since 2009 to Ukrainian chess player Kateryna Dolzhikova. 7 Magnus Carlsen Norway 13 years, 4 months, 27 days 1990 Players who have become grandmasters before age 15 include Karjakin, Negi, Carlsen, Bu Xiangzhi, Radjabov, Ponomariov, Bacrot, Vachier-Lagrave, Leko, Kuzubov, and Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son. Karjakin won the 2012 World Rapid Chess Championship, and the Norway Chess tournament in 2013 and 2014., a website devoted to the sport, has seen its traffic more than double in the past few months. Corrections? 20 Péter Lékó Hungary 14 years, 4 months, 22 days 1979 At the age of 14, he won the US Open and the US Championship. His father later took him to the Havana Chess Club to meet stronger players. 17 Étienne Bacrot France 14 years, 2 months, 0 days 1983 The Chinese plaer Bu Xiangzhi, born in 1985, became the youngest grandmaster in the world (age of 13 years, 10 months, 13 days) in 1999. Bacrot was also the youngest FIDE master at the age of 10.Magnus Carlsen (born in 1990) of Norway learned chess at the age of 8. He was also the World-Under 14 Champion. He is now the second highest rated chess player in China.Jose Capablanca leaned the game at the age of 4 by watching his father, an Army officer, play. He became the only player ever to earn a perfect score at an American championship, winning all 11 games in the 1964 tournament. His youthful intemperance and brilliant playing drew the attention of the American public to the game of chess, particularly when he won the world championship in 1972. Apart from World Champion, Grandmaster is the highest title a chess player can attain. The first part of the event took place from 29 July to 1 August in the Heixiazi Island, where Karjakin sequentially knocked out four of the five members of the Chinese team: Wei Yi, Ding Liren, Ni Hua and Yu Yangyi. In November 2016, he lost the championship match to Magnus Carlsen in the rapid tiebreaks after drawing 6–6 in the classical games. [55], In 2013 he graduated from the Russian State Social University with a degree in social pedagogy. His rating was now 2722. Since 1950, when the Grandmaster (GM) title was introduced by FIDE, one measure of chess prodigies is the age at which they gain the GM title. In 2005, he became the yongest player ever to qualify for the Candidates.The Chinese plaer Bu Xiangzhi, born in 1985, became the youngest grandmaster in the world (age of 13 years, 10 months, 13 days) in 1999. (Bobby) Fischer of the United States in 1972 was an abrupt change. In 1958 he won the first of eight American championships. At the age of 12, he won the European Under-18 Championship. He has lived in Moscow since 2009. [7] In January 2002, he was the official second of fellow Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomariov during the final of the FIDE World Championship, though Karjakin had only just turned 12 at the time. Bobby Fischer, byname of Robert James Fischer, (born March 9, 1943, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—died January 17, 2008, Reykjavík, Iceland), American-born chess master who became the youngest grandmaster in history when he received the title in 1958. [15], Karjakin played again in this event in 2007 for the team "Rising Stars", which beat "Experience" by 26½-23½. As of June 2019, Sergey ranked 19th on the FIDE rapid list[39] and 6th on the blitz list. In March 2014, he finished in second place in the FIDE Candidates Tournament held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, behind Viswanathan Anand. In 2004, he took 3rd place at the FIDE World Championship in Tripoli. He finished third with 8/14 (+4−2=8), one point behind the winner Caruana. Once achieved, the title is held for life. At the age of 15, he was ranked as one of the top 100 chess players in the world. By the age of 5, he was defeating his father. 8 Wei Yi China 13 years, 8 months, 23 days 1999 ", Youngest Chess Player in India Set World Record, Smallest Chess Player Chess Tournament Set World Record,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 02:59. Game 8 with notes by Fabiano Caruana", "World Ch., Game 8: Karjakin Wins and Seizes Lead", "Carlsen-Karjakin, Game 8: Sergey stuns Magnus", "Carlsen wins tie-break and remains World Champion! [44], Karjakin married Galiya Kamalova, secretary of the Moscow chess federation, in May 2014. The age of becoming a chess master is geting younger and younger. Alejandro Ramirez became a grandmaster at 15, a month earlier than Fischer. Daily chart A nine-year-old aims to be the youngest chess grandmaster ever. In defeating Spassky 12 1/2–8 1/2, Fischer won the $156,000 victor’s share of the $250,000 purse. Here are some of the chess prodigies over the years.Alexander Alekhine learned chess at the age of 7 and was playing grandmaster strength at the age of 18. For example, in a speed game,…. [2] In 2009 Hetul Shah beat GM Nurlan Ibrayev at age of nine years and six months at the Parsvnath Open to become the youngest player to defeat a Grandmaster under standard time controls. Player - Name - Country - Age when obtained GM title - Birth year, 1 Sergey Karjakin Ukraine 12 years, 7 months, 0 days 1990 On the January 2008 FIDE rating list, published just before Karjakin's 18th birthday, he passed the 2700 mark for the first time, often seen as the line that separates "elite" players from other grandmasters, with a new rating of 2732 and a world rank of 13. [9], He competed in the 2004 FIDE World Championship in Tripoli, where he lost in the first round to Mikhail Kobalia. [13], In 2006, Karjakin played for the first time in the Wijk aan Zee Corus A tournament, scoring 7/13 points (4 wins, 6 draws, 3 losses). This is not equal to the age at which they officially became Grandmasters, because GM titles can only be awarded at FIDE congresses. Jorge Cori & Illia Nyzhnyk tied for 1st. He is now … In 1975 Fischer refused to meet his Soviet challenger, Anatoly Karpov. All rights reserved. He represented Ukraine at the Chess Olympiad in 2004, winning team and individual gold. 10 Samuel Sevian United States 13 years, 10 months, 27 days 2000 3 Javokhir Sindarov Uzbekistan 12 years, 10 months, 5 days 2005 He has since represented Russia five times in the Chess Olympiad, winning individual gold in 2010. A nine-year-old aims to be the youngest chess grandmaster ever, Italian towns hit hardest by covid-19 are doing better now, Gender equality in Europe is still a long way off, More bad news for the Arctic: the Laptev Sea hasn’t frozen. [32][33], Karjakin won the 2016 World Blitz Chess Championship, which took place over 29 and 30 December 2016. The record has been held by Sergey Karjakin (then Ukraine) since 2002. Capablana eventualy defeated them all. [25][26] In the second half of the event, which was held in Harbin in December, he defeated also Wang Yue, leading team Russia to victory.[27]. He’s now 32 and is thinking of leaving the traditional world of over-the-table (OTB) chess … A chess prodigy is a child prodigy who can beat experienced adult players, and even masters, at chess. Cori won the Armageddon game to win the trophy! She has won four World Championships, including the World Girls Under-10, Under-12, Under-14, and the World Girls Junior championships.Sergey Karjakin became a Grandmaster at the age of 12 years, 7 months, the youngest ever. 24 Anish Giri Russia 14 years, 7 months, 2 days[13] 1994 After defeating Spassky, Fischer returned to seclusion, in part because he had been indicted by U.S. authorities for violating economic sanctions against Yugoslavia and in part because his paranoia, anti-Semitism, and praise for the September 11 attacks alienated many in the chess world. In December, he participated in the London Chess Classic, placing eighth with a score of 3½/9. @USChess", 14-year-old Filipino is newest grandmaster, "GM title for Illya Nyzhnyk in Groningen", Hou Yifan – the youngest female grandmaster in history, "Delhi's Aryan, 14, Secures Grandmaster Title", "The world's second-youngest grandmaster", "„It should have come earlier": 14 year old Vincent Keymer and the Grandmaster title", "Who was the future GM? And he was a refugee. On Twitch, a video-streaming platform where users watch each other play video games, Hikaru Nakamura, an American “super-grandmaster” with a rating of 2,827, regularly draws audiences in the tens of thousands. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

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