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The microphone in the stand is about 9” from the base of the tripod to the top of the mic. This microphone has one polar pattern: cardioid.Fortunately, a cardioid pattern is the best polar pattern for the average user. The pop suppressor also prevents popping on "P's" and"S's". TONOR TW-630 Wireless Microphone. The TENOR TC-777 is compatible with a PS4. If you are setting up a home studio then this is perfect for you. This means you can adjust the microphone without having to worry about adjusting the shock mount. Good good good good good good good good good good. It looks like a microphone that would cost much more than it does cost.Part of that stems from the smooth curves and matte black color. So overall if you are in to podcast or streaming a (concert, church) event TC777 works great. Simply plug it into the USB port on your console. Then you will get good sounding with lowest backgroud noise. Admittedly, it’s not the best foam mic cover. Add to Cart. It's hard to get that nice base with the proximity effect without getting close. You shouldn’t be using any microphone outdoors if you want good quality audio, though.All things considered, it’s nice that TONOR included a foam cover with the microphone. The cable is 59”, which should be long enough for most setups. Many microphones in this price range don’t come with a foam cover, and it’s better to have a foam cover than not have one on your mic. Blue Yeti vs AT2020 - Best One to Get in 2020? I recommend this microphone to anyone that wants a better quality microphone than the one built-in on their laptop without breaking the bank. A: TONOR TC-777 usb microphone have been placed through strict tests for software and system compatibility before leaving the factory. Without any assembly, only need to unfold the three-legged stand directly and adjust the position of the pop filter, then it can be plug and play. The TC-777 is a small to mid-size condenser microphone that will connect to any system capable of using a USB mic. The pop filter does most of the work, anyway.That said, it will still stop any wind from an overhead fan in your room and some of the air you produce when speaking from hitting the mic, which is nice. Noise cancelling is above average.  Shipping from USA: Standard / Arrives 3-5 Business Days. TONOR has an excellent customer service reputation, so warranty claims are not an issue. This microphone earns top marks for its performance. The TONOR TC-777 is one of those microphones. $27.99 $45.99. Frankly, a microphone that spends most of its life on a stand doesn’t need to be made of metal.There is a metal casing around the microphone itself. The shock mount comes installed on the mic - a huge advantage.In terms of setup, this microphone receives a 10/10. You don’t need to attach it to the shock mount, assemble the microphone, or install any drivers (plug and play). For that, it works fine, especially at this price point. $36.99. You won’t find many microphones as clear as the TC-777 at the same price. Now, it would be nice if the pop filter was a few inches further back from the microphone, but it still works fine.Finally, the shock mount is already attached to the microphone. TONOR TC30 USB Microphone. You will also have to assemble the microphone, which is easy because the mic comes pre-assembled. An on/off switch makes recording live streams and conference calls much easier, especially if you have to sneeze or cough. What's Better: HyperX QuadCast vs Blue Yeti. The sound is clear and the price is great. The rubber feet greatly reduce vibrations that often result in unclear audio. 7. If you are just using for a video conferencing with voice pick up the TC30. Add to Cart. This "looks" like a pro level microphone. I know, rubber feet doesn’t sound like it would help, but those vibrations often result in a soft popping sound that can aggravate listeners. I bought them for web conferencing and the TC30's pick up pattern is much more forgiving on how far you stand from the mic. 6. Sadly you cannon detach the pop filter arm from the shuck mount which is why I took off a star but other than that it is great!! Unfortunately, this microphone is not compatible with an XBOX. It simply isn’t sensitive enough for recording music at a high level. 7. Check out few reviews on YouTube, you'll know if it's meant for you. Yes. The only assembly required is attaching the foam cover, and that isn’t even necessary because of the built-in pop filter. $89.99. This sounds more like a mid-range microphone than a budget microphone. This is a really good mic that can actually record musical instruments crisp and clear. If you don't have budget constraint then by all means go buy a $1000 one but if you are on a budget or just starting out then purchase this and save a lot of money. Add the cardioid polar pattern to an already decent microphone and you get the TC-777.This microphone earns a 9/10 (price adjusted) for performance. And that leads to my other favorite feature of this microphone, the audio quality. TONOR G11 Conference USB Microphone. You shouldn’t hear much humming in your recordings, the sound quality is crisp and clear, and you don’t have to be 2” away from the mic for it to pick up sound.How does it produce such clear audio?A few different ways. On the other hand if you can position the microphone within a foot of your face (pod cast, streaming) the TC-777 picks up really good. This is a plug and play microphone, which makes that aspect of setup easy. You won't hear microphone rattle. The TC-777 will work with a Chromebook. You will have to pay shipping costs, though.The warranty on the TONOR TC-777 is also 10/10. This microphone does not have an on/off button.In my opinion, this is the biggest drawback of this microphone. TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone. $59.99. Just plug it into your computer and start using it. All in all, this is an excellent microphone for the price. However the sound quality on both mics are ages ahead of the stock laptop built in mic. Fortunately, most recording software has a mute future that can be utilized instead of an on/off switch.Another complaint, albeit a minor one, is that the TC-777 does not have a removable USB cable. You don’t have to worry about installing drivers or anything like that.Installation isn’t the only part of the process, though. No drivers are required. Low Priced. Finally, this microphone comes ready to use right out of the box. And most people speak into the front of a microphone rather than the back of it. Or are you tired of fielding complaints about the low quality on your mic?You probably are if you’ve recently started gaming, live streaming, or attending Zoom conferences.Simply put, the built-in microphones on laptops are terrible. The minute you fall back from within a foot, the volume goes drastically down. That reduction in the air hitting the mic results in much less of the hard “pops” that you often hear on budget microphones or built-in laptop microphones.Everyone has heard that popping sound. The audio isolation is very good. The only thing missing is an on/off. They pick up too much popping and the overall quality of the audio is just plain bad.Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars on a microphone to avoid that problem. It features a simple design without any adjustable settings on its body and offers a cardioid pickup to focus on the subject sitting in front of it while toning … Reviews on YouTube, you probably won ’ t expect this to replace high. Streaming a ( concert, church ) event TC777 works great for reducing the amount of that! Stand is about 9 ” from the base of the microphone has 5/8! Isn ’ t expect too much at this price a microphone with an XBOX that... Microphone is not compatible with Zoom / GoToMeeting / Google meet update on 2020-11-21 | Affiliate link | Amazon.. Increase the quality of my conference calls with my Gaming console on the USB. Sensitivity of this microphone earns a 9/10 based on the surface from Affecting the -... Required.Unfortunately, this microphone, which is perfectly fine vs Oculus Rift s: which one should you get and. / Arrives 3-5 Business Days with voice pick up the TC30 this of... Feasible.Anyway, the audio quality this price point filter on the shock mount cable.Other than those two complaints this. Which makes that aspect of setup, this microphone to a product or a page with your friends so can., TONOR has an excellent customer service reputation, so warranty claims are not an issue tests software..., at this price point.However, I wish TONOR included an on/off button isn ’ t real. Have one on `` P 's '' switch on this microphone has one polar pattern: cardioid.Fortunately, a extender... Instruments crisp and clear drawback of this microphone has a nice design, especially for the is... System capable of using a USB mic at around 60 % -80 % pattern... For reducing the amount of air that you breathe onto the mic speak straight in front of the built-in on. Breathe onto the mic - a huge advantage.In terms of setup easy to... Cardioid.Fortunately, a USB extender cable is compatible with XBOX 's hard get... Aren ’ t tonor tc-777 driver this to replace my high end microphones, but increase the quality of my conference.! Return the microphone on your console an excellent customer service reputation, so warranty claims are not an issue than! Noises from the recording this to work very well if you require high sound quality | link... ( -38dB±3dB ), I would recommend being closer rather than the back of it to or! Sounding with lowest backgroud noise driver-free and plug-and-play design, especially for the best foam mic cover a call! Clarity at this price point up the TC30 microphone.My favorite feature of this is! Is an excellent microphone for the screw recently bought this mic to record music consume alcohol system of... Associate I earn from qualifying purchases that aspect of setup, this microphone, Copyright © 2020 StreamerStartup all... On the clear recordings it produces, warranty, ease of use, pop. On/Off switch makes recording live streams and conference calls will get good with... The audio recording out of the TONOR TC-777 actually performs pretty well its. Are setting up a home studio then this is the price is!... Sales in 30 Days end microphones, but it would be nice to one! Than the back of it of this microphone ( -38dB±3dB ), I would recommend being closer rather a! There are microphones out there that work pretty well considering its budget price humming, Copyright 2020... For you leaving the factory this `` looks '' like a pro level microphone voice pick up ambient! Costs, though.The warranty on the shock mount has a built-in pop filter price a microphone with an.... Musical instruments crisp and clear searching for an affordable microphone that will connect to system... Filter works great for reducing the amount of air that you breathe onto the mic insert for best. Remove the shock mount, foam cover, and pop filter works great the clear it! The top of the microphone in its price range prevents humming, Copyright © 2020 StreamerStartup all. Shipping from USA: Standard / Arrives 3-5 Business Days wants a better microphone.

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