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It was advertised as "the world's first $9 computer". On the road, a car sped by sending her dog into a frenzy of barking and jumping. We both played in same amateur baseball league and happened to play each other in semifinals. “What is that?” Cindy asked her cousin, Buddy. Do you think aliens would steal Chip?”, “If you keep Chip on that leash when you take him outside, and you hold on tight, you’ll protect him from getting run over…and from aliens. She had never seen anyone holding a dog by a leash. I got the heartbreaking but expected news tonight that Chip Malafronte passed. — Tyler Morrissey (@TylerRMorrissey) August 13, 2020. #GreatReporter #BetterPerson #GoneTooSoon, — Stephen Kirck II (@skirck) August 13, 2020, Like all in our Connecticut sportswriting community, I’m heartbroken over the loss of Chip Malafronte, who followed his dream, wrote for all the right reasons and was a wonderful family man. Her mother said, “See, there? Thus, he received punishment for such utterly disrespectful behavior, forced to clean all the boglins for the rest of his life in a dark, undisclosed location with only a sliver of light being let in through the ceiling so … Most importantly, he was a great guy. The preference would be to keep CHIP, but if that's not going to happen, the group would want legislative changes to make sure that there isn't a drop-off in coverage. — Michael Kobylanski (@mkobo03) August 13, 2020, The journalism and sports scene in our area is less today after the death last night of @ChipMalafronte of the @nhregister. He’ll come home when he gets hungry. This is terrible and sad. He will be missed by all of us at Quinnipiac and we send our condolences to his family. — Drew Kingsley (@dmk1122) August 13, 2020. Buddy said, “Look, it’s not only gonna keep him from getting hit by a truck. On Season 15, Episode 7, Willie made his debut and the episode featured a ton of shared moments between Chip and Willie as they geared up to go fishing. — Joe Perez (@JoePerezSports) August 13, 2020. — Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey (@QU_MIH) August 13, 2020. And outstanding Journalist and tremendous person. My condolences to his family. Instead of trying to field dress the wounds themselves, which Agnes was prepared to do,  Chip decided said they would drive him to a clinic. Gone way too soon! It is not easy to do that day in and day out in this business and maintain a calm exterior, but he managed to do it. It was always a good day when you sat next to Chip in a press box. As Willie puts it in the episode, "you're not gonna go out to get a suntan.". My friend Eddie’s dog disappeared. — Bob Rafferty (@Raff1575) August 13, 2020. We ended up friends. — Wendy Metcalfe (@Wendy_Met) August 13, 2020, Heartbreaking to hear of the passing of Chip Malafronte…Terrific sports writer, even better person. They had to tie Willie down to make sure he didn't fly off the sled. Also Read : Antonio Ramirez Jr. Death | Dies At 42 After A Deadly Collision | Victim Identified. Aliens didn’t take him. They took Chip!”, “Oh, sweetheart. _taboola.push({ He covered Yale and Quinnipiac and college hockey regularly and I always enjoyed our conversations and appreciated his knowledge of the game and professionalism. — Chris Boulay (@chrismboulay) August 13, 2020. Chip loved hockey, covered @QUAthletics, wrote a book on QU-Yale and did both with professionalism and flair. “Honey, it’s time to come inside.”, “Mommy! They joked around, and Willie even introduced himself as Chip's "taller brother" who also happened to be "better looking." There will be tears in my Sunday Gravy. Had a lot of fun times on the UConn Football beat. News of Chip Malafronte’s passing hit me hard. Chip Malafronte did his job without bias, without fanfare and without ego. — Bobby C. (@bootleg_bob63) August 13, 2020. @ChipMalafronte was an excellent journalist, but he was a better person and that is who I will miss. Hold on to this end real tight. Chip was my idol while I was at QU. Her imagination went wild thinking about what that would look like. — Brian Sullivan (@SullivanHockey) August 13, 2020. I didn’t know him well and we didn’t stay in touch after I left @USCHO, but I sincerely enjoyed chatting up @nhregister’s Chip Malafronte every chance I got. Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. — Mike Gambardella (@MikeGambardella) August 13, 2020, Very sad to hear of the passing of @ChipMalafronte. “Where on earth did you get that idea, sweetheart?” her mother asked. I knew he would be back when he got hungry.” She left them to play. Known Chip for awhile – an Amity guy who had made it locally, something to draw from. When they were kids, Willie talked about how they'd fish before they went to school and then they'd go and catch the bus and when school we over, they'd grab their gear and go fishing again after school. The next morning, Cindy awoke feeling anxious. Sad news for sure hearing about the passing of Chip Malafronte. When you're on TV, even very niche reality TV programs where you're just "playing yourself" and doing what you do on a daily basis in front of cameras, people watch your every move and scrutinize the most minute details of your life, especially when you're putting them on display for all the world to see. “We were playing and then these lights shined in my eyes and the noise was really loud and I couldn’t hear him anymore. Willie works as a commercial fisherman and they were going out with rods in hand for the first time in some 25 years. It was as though they hadn’t seen each other in a week. I spent one year on the UConn football beat, but he always made me feel welcome and he was someone I looked forward to chatting with. He knew the history and had a great perspective. He always does.”. The dog ran into Cindy’s arms, licking her face and almost knocking her over. “I didn’t lose Wally. }); Your email address will not be published. “Whenever he wants to go outside, I have to hold him by this strap? “Yessir. Chips probably made one, too many mistakes. This is a big loss!! Our prayers, thoughts condolences are with the loved ones of the deceased for the great loss. — Dave Phillips (@davephillips41) August 13, 2020. Can you do that?”. Zoe Rogers Missing Gwynedd Has Died – Obituary, Zoe Rogers – Zoe Rogers Missing Gwynedd Death, Zoe Rogers Death – Missing Zoe Rogers Gwynedd Dead, Travis Roy Passed Away – Obituary | Travis Roy Death. He was a genuinely good person. Cindy stood wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open. An excellent reporter and also just a great guy to share a press box and watch a game with. Rest easy my friend, you will be missed. Rest easy Chip, you will be missed, — Jim Fuller (@NHRJimFuller) August 13, 2020, Somewhere high in the sky Chip Malafronte and Dave Solomon are renewing acquaintances and comparing notes on their favorite Sunday Gravy columns. Sorry to hear this morning about the passing of @ChipMalafronte, a longtime #ECACHockey sportswriter who was one of the earliest additions to my “gamenight” Twitter list. — Paul Doyle (@PaulDoyle1) August 13, 2020, Saddened to learn Chip Malafronte, longtime New Haven Register/Hearst sports reporter, has passed. He got hit by a truck.”. Im having trouble putting it into words, but he was a treasure to Connecticut sportswriting, and hugely important for fans of Yale, QU and local sports back home. He had crashed his snowmobile and broke his wrist in the accident and attempts to tend to his injury culminated in excruciating pain. Proudly powered by WordPress Favorite Chip Malafronte story. She didn’t notice when the leash fell from her grip. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones. You know… to study them. mode: 'alternating-thumbnails-a', – Lil Tecca Dead – What killed Lil Tecca ? CHIP and related products are discontinued. Lil Tecca Death ? This sucks and it’s sad. Chip was an incredible person, a talented journalist and always a pleasure to be around. Although Willie's injury was pretty gnarly, he seemed to be in a good mood about it, stating, "that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger," after giving a wry smile. Chip Malafronte Obituary | Chip Malafronte Death – What Happened To Chip Malafronte ? I really don’t think aliens took Chip. Over the course of almost 25 years, enjoyed our conversations on many topics. “Okay, listen,” Buddy instructed. A good guy I shared many a press box or field with. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ‘Life Below Zero’ May Not be as Real As You Think, 'Life Below Zero' Star Andy Bassich Brings His New Girlfriend to Alaska, 'Life Below Zero' Star Sue Aikens Explains How She Lost 75 Pounds in One Year, Ant Anstead Has Lost a Whopping 23 Pounds Since His Breakup With Ex Christina, Whitney Thore's Heart Has Been Through the Wringer on 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life', Tayshia Adams’ Ex-Husband Has the Same Job as One of Her ‘Bachelorette’ Guys, Ashley Jacobs Has Moved on From Ex Thomas Ravenel — As Has Kathryn Dennis. Did he show you how to use it?”, “Yessir. That night, after Buddy had gone home and Cindy was watching TV with her parents, she asked them, “Could aliens take Chip?”. All the tributes you have read or will read only touch the surface of what a great person, journalist, family man and friend Chip was. Chip’s team won. Chip is gone! — Mark H. Anbinder (@mhaithaca) August 13, 2020. Cindy smiled at her happy dog and tousled his fur. My Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends. I always enjoyed our talks when he would visit the FLAC. He would sit in the press box at QU games, see my tweets, laugh and look over to me and shake his head. – What Happened To Lil Tecca ? HCMG is devastated by the loss of Chip Malafronte who died last night after a long and courageous battle. So very sad to hear of the passing of Chip Malafronte. RIP, Chip. Wow, sad to hear about the passing of Chip Malafronte. He is why I wanted to be a reporter. One of the good ones and will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him! So sad over seeing the news that Chip Malafronte has passed. Crushing news about Chip Malafronte. Cindy held the strap tightly. I’m saddened by his death and heartbroken for his family. Always got the story right, always about the sport or athlete. Mommy…Mommy…it was the aliens. As a journalist he had the true pulse of both high school and college sports in CT. Always know that. After the couple backtracked to see what happened to Willie, they were flagged down by members of the production crew where they saw him laying on a sled. Chip was a sportswriter @nhregister for more than 20 yrs & previously worked at the Milford Citizen.

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