tracey emin white cube 2020

Thriving on Solitude by Tracey Emin. I’d just seen some of the results: fierce, sometimes frenzied canvases teetering somewhere between abstract expressionism and raw sex. It is designed for living alone. The new paintings in her online White Cube exhibition, entitled I Thrive on Solitude, which has just launched, are domestic reveries in the tradition of Vermeer or, if you prefer a modernist comparison, Pierre Bonnard. But actually, she adds exuberantly, she doesn’t expect to be alone. Available for sale from White Cube, Tracey Emin, A Different Time - May 2020 (2020), Acrylic on canvas, 8 × 10 in Artists turn to paper when there is a need for that quiet space of reflection, the very act of working with it perhaps being a more physically intimate one. Beyond this, they have used paper as readymade, whether in the form of a printed book, a newspaper or comic book. Work really is all she cares about and it necessitates solitude. A prominent member of the Young British Artists (YBAs), Emin works in a wide range of mediums, including film, painting, neon, embroidery, drawing, installation, and sculpture. As Richard Serra described it: ‘Drawing gives me an immediate return for my effort and the result is commensurate with my involvement. It turns out to be no loss, she says, to get up and think about art rather than heading to the airport to get to Miami or Basel. Available for sale from White Cube, Tracey Emin, I Lay Here For You (2020), Neon, 142 × 148.5 × 5 cm Emin once said her favourite artist is. But really she would rather be alone. In truth I don’t think the lockdown has changed Emin, just made her solitary way of life more respectable. Because her new paintings are another engrossing chapter in her journey from 90s wild child to one of the most serious and courageous artists around. Lockdown has let Tracey Emin reveal herself as the obsessed artist she truly is. And jokingly she adds – with White Cube’s Jay Jopling there – that she wants fewer global art events so her gallerists won’t have heart attacks from their constant travel. The artists selected have embraced, reinterpreted, challenged or rejected traditional methods of working with this material; they have drawn, etched, coloured, stained, covered, cut, torn, folded, layered, burned or collaged the material, to strikingly different effect. n Tracey Emin’s intimate blue paintings of her life in lockdown we see her daydreaming and remembering, looking out of windows or at a familiar old sofa as the interior of her 18th-century house in London becomes a stage set for her private meditations. I’ve seen how she’s simultaneously one of the biggest stars in the art world, and a serious artist who cares about nothing more than painting alone. “All of them!” Not that Emin is trivialising the tragedy of Covid-19. “My cousin died.” But according to her it could be very healthy for the art world. She depicts herself positively basking in isolation. Artists presented include Ellen Altfest, Michael Armitage, Miroslaw Balka, Georg Baselitz, Julie Curtiss, Tracey Emin, Cerith Wyn Evans, Theaster Gates, Antony Gormley, David Hammons, Mona Hatoum, He Xiangyu, Al Held, Anselm Kiefer, Rachel Kneebone, Imi Knoebel, Jannis Kounellis, Sarah Morris, Christian Marclay, Julie Mehretu, Harland Miller, Cady Noland, Damián Ortega, Magnus Plessen, Jessica Rankin, Richard Serra, Raqib Shaw, Haim Steinbach, Fred Tomaselli, Danh Vo and Christopher Wool. 6 July – 16 August 2020 Michael Armitage Another's Tongue 6 July - 16 August 2020 Read more Tracey Emin I Thrive on Solitude 12 June – 2 August 2020 Tracey Emin 15 June – 2 August 2020 During a period of isolation in her London home, Tracey Emin made a series of … We chatted in her bedroom because she was feeling ill after weeks of nothing but passionate painting in France. Why, I asked in the Zoom event, did she lock down in London – was it by choice or accident? Appearing from her studio in leopard-print specs with a huge volcanic red painting behind her, she enthused about the experience of being socially distanced and how it has unleashed a new creative happiness. The show’s title is self-explanatory. Past fair booth featuring works by Anselm Kiefer, Tracey Emin, Mona Hatoum, Danh Vō, Antony Gormley, Haim Steinbach, Fred Tomaselli, Christian Marclay, Magnus Plessen and Damián Ortega at White Cube Frieze New York 2020 May 6th – 15th I was fascinated because my encounters with Emin over several years have revealed a paradoxical person, torn between her desire to paint in peace and her highly developed social skills. If she makes her life a novel it’s a sprawling social epic, a modern Vanity Fair. I am nodding along at my screen because I know this is all true, at least for Emin personally. Lockdown has let Tracey Emin reveal herself as the obsessed artist she truly is. But they do reveal Emin’s pictorial abilities to anyone who might doubt them as her familiar surroundings become poetic registers of her feelings. For Frieze New York, White Cube presents an exhibition exploring the many ways paper has been used in art, not solely as surface but as medium itself.

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