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Verizon has been doing very well since 2007. The company’s most popular products and services include the “iPhone,” “iPad,” “Mac,” “iPod,” “Apple Watch,” “Apple TV,” “iOS,” “iCloud,” and “Apple Pay.”, (Source: “Apple Inc. (AAPL),” Yahoo! No part of this document may be used or reproduced in any manner or means, including print, electronic, mechanical, or by any information storage and retrieval system whatsoever, without written permission from the copyright holder. For example, the largest holding in the RXI ETF is now Amazon, with a weight of 17.8%. If an individual doesn’t have professional experience or knowledge about the working of financial markets or time to track the market swings, s/he can invest in blue chip funds to earn quality returns. This $1 Marijuana Stock on the Verge of Breakout. However, if investors want a pure-play business, there aren’t a lot of better options than Pfizer when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Our belief is the free cash flow yield (FCFY), which is the free cash flow divided by the adjusted enterprise value of the company, gives much greater insight to a company’s value than does the P/E ratio. U.S. Our belief is it is the truest measure of a company’s cash on cash returns. First, American Express is famous for focusing on a more affluent clientele, meaning that it would fare better under such circumstances because the affluent are more capable of absorbing economic shocks. Moreover, people are making more and more use of digital payments as well as related payment options, meaning that interest in Visa and Mastercard’s services are expected to soar in the times to come. The No. Netflix is in an interesting position at the moment. Oracle also provides a range of development tools and business analytics software solutions for mobile computing, the “Java” software development language, and big data solutions. A shakeup on the S&P 500 and the creation of a new sector has reconfigured what the top 10 blue-chip tech stocks for 2019 are. The most famous indices are DJIA, CAC40, DAX30, SP500 or the STOXX family. Am I concerned about valuations? His Timely Ten list represents his top ten current recommendations chosen from among his universe of undervalued blue chip stocks. Which is the Best Cadillac Limo Model of All-Time? Looking for more dividend stocks? A leader in the global semiconductor industry, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) provides computing, networking, data storage, and communications solutions around the world. His Timely Ten list represents his top ten current recommendations chosen from among his universe of undervalued blue chip stocks. Citigroup is one of the biggest banks in the United States. Top 5 Best Blue Chip Funds for 2020. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Think you know the names of the biggest blue-chip tech stocks on Wall Street? The only critique is that some stocks remain in the Undervalued area for a significant amount of time before they begin to demonstrate price appreciation. This website provides you information about the best blue chip stocks in the world. Free cash flow (FCF) is the amount of cash that remains after everything has been paid, all new investments have been made, and is available for distributing to all the equity shareholders. (Source: “Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO),” Yahoo! This reshuffling has affected sector funds like the Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSEARCA:XLK). Whatever the case, blue chip stocks are fundamentally interesting because they let people benefits from the upward potential of stocks without introducing too much risk into their investment portfolios. In a logical world it is real total return that is the only rational reason for investing in common stocks. 1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Unsurprisingly, Berkshire has managed to make the list. The San Francisco-based company focuses on cloud, mobile, social media, the Internet of Things (IoT), and AI technologies. Each show brings together thousands of investors to attend workshops, presentations and seminars given by the nation's top financial experts. (Source: “Vanguard Communication Services ETF (VOX),” The Vanguard Group, Inc., last accessed February 6, 2019.). According to Kiplinger, here are 10 blue chip stocks that interested individuals might want to look into in 2019: Adobe Systems makes a number of software products that should be well-known to a lot of people. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Finance, last accessed February 6, 2019. Second, American Express has been careful with its expansion even though it has been growing its business at a steady pace, meaning that it hasn’t exposed itself too badly to potential economic shocks. Have a look at the greatest companies! The second-largest holding in the ETF is Home Depot Inc (NYSE:HD)—at 5.5%. ), (Source: “, inc. (CRM),” Yahoo! ), IBM (NYSE:IBM) is a technology company that operates through five segments: “Cognitive Solutions,” “Global Business Services,” “Technology Services & Cloud Platforms,” “Systems,” and “Global Financing.”, The Cognitive Solutions segment is home to “Watson,” the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer. A flat or zero level of free cash flow could be a sign that the company is generating just enough cash to fund its growth opportunities. Despite ongoing volatility in the broader stock market, concerns about a slowing economy, rising interest rates, a potential recession in the eurozone, and uncertainty around Brexit, the world’s best blue-chip tech stocks continue to reward buy-and-hold investors. Pfizer is a pure-play business, meaning that it specializes in a single line of business and nothing else. (Source: “Visa Inc. (V),” Yahoo! Looking for more dividend stocks? The 10 Best Places to Stay in Olympia, WA, Top Five Reasons to Visit Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe, The 20 Best Things to do in Nagoya, Japan for First Timers, The 20 Best Things to Do in Olympia, WA for First Timers. With the reshuffling and other changes, here’s a list of the biggest and best blue-chip tech stocks to watch in 2019. Finance, last accessed February 6, 2019.). In short, they specialize in payment processing, meaning that there is a constant demand for their services. S&P 500 Creates New Sector. ... 2019, 11:53am EDT. With the way that earnings are calculated and reported, however, P/E’s are a questionable measure of value. (Source: “What is Salesforce?,”, inc., last accessed February 6, 2019. In addition, MoneyShow operates the award-winning, multimedia online community, and publishes free Investing and Trading newsletters, which provide individual investors with exclusive ongoing access to the latest investment and trading ideas from the nation's most respected and trusted financial newsletter advisors. Price to Value Ratio (PVR) is a measure of how the market is valuing the future growth prospects of a company. The company is known for its “Oracle Database” for storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data and its “Oracle Fusion Middleware” software to build, deploy, secure, and integrate business applications. Real total return depends on acquiring stocks when they offer good historic value and holding them until that value has been fully expressed at their high-price/low-yield Overvalue boundary. (Source: “The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS),” MSCI, last accessed February 6, 2019.). Currently, Lee is practicing the smidgen of Chinese that he picked up while visiting the Chinese mainland in hopes of someday being able to read certain historical texts in their original language. Another advantage of acquiring shares at Undervalue is more time to receive dividends and enjoy dividend increases. On the one hand, new competitors are coming out to challenge it in its chosen sector. Coca-Cola has been increasing its dividends for more than five decades and counting, which is pretty much all that interested individuals should need to know to convince them to look over its numbers to see whether it is right for them or not. Negative free cash flow, on the other hand, could indicate that the company has an abundance of investment opportunities but not enough internal cash flow to pursue all of them. Finance, last accessed February 6, 2019.). ), (Source: “International Business Machines Corporation (IBM),” Yahoo! In short, Johnson & Johnson tends to do very well because it makes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other healthcare products, which are often reliable sellers because health is something that is always in-demand. Moreover, while some people have been concerned that American Express will get hit hard by what they believe to be signs of an incoming economic recession because of its exposure to financial products, there is reason to believe that this fear is overblown. Even in a brutal 2018, when stocks had a meltdown from the beginning of October to December 24, the tech sector still outperformed other sectors. Finance, last accessed February 6, 2019.). Technology is still the largest sector in the S&P 500, accounting for about 20% of the index. The challenge for investors, be they average or enlightened, is to be patient and give a stock time for its value to be expressed. (Source: “Oracle Corporation (ORCL),” Yahoo! For that matter, it should be mentioned that companies that were once reliable can become less so over time while still retaining much of their prestige, which is why interested individuals should always look into their current performances to make sure that what they expect matches the reality of things.

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