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Login for First Aid, Swimming and Water Safety Instructors/Trainers and Training Partners. This is the first opportunity for a child to participate in a swim program without their guardian. Choose between the following two options: Learning to swim is easy and fun with our swimming lessons for tiny tots, youth, and adults. We provide American Red Cross certifications, swim lessons for all ages, aquatic personal training, water aerobics classes, and private event lifeguards for hire! If you're having trouble signing up, please contact Art In The Heart Of Mesa, Founder Mesa HeART Studio, Creative Coach. Research: Our programs are based on research about why and how people drown, injury prevention methodology to promote wise choices, and market research from consumers across Canada, like you. My parents were persistent in the importance of swimming, and hence signed me up for swim lessons to get over my fear of the water. Our programs also come with recognition tools to encourage each swimmer’s success. So we also provide tutoring in addition to our sessions. The Red Cross has developed swimming lessons for kids and adults that allow everyone the opportunity to learn in a safe environment, at their own pace. I take my job seriously. We are mobile. To find an American Red Cross swim class near you, visit our Learn-to-Swim providers page. Shower with soap before you enter the pool. Please visit my website for qualifications, certifications and accomplishments. Chances are many parents and caregivers learned to swim with Red Cross. The SPLASH Swim Team is geared towards developing competitive swimming skills. Additional Occupational Health & Safety Training Courses. My passion for swimming and 16 years of experience ensures you are getting the best lesson in town, My name is Catherine, and I have a passion for teaching children and adults how to swim and how to improve their swimming strokes. Development of front float, back float, and surface support. Please refresh your results and try again. Teaching Online Baby Swimming Lessons for families around the world. The Learn-to-Swim program focuses on building skills one step at a time. Private swimming lessons for adults and children in the convenience of your own swimming pool, which offers you the exclusive experience of a flexible and comfortable swimming lesson in a familiar environment. Education is also a life saving skill. Ultra Level 7. LA Premier is your one stop shop for everything aquatics. National Program: Swimmers can easily transfer or continue training between communities, which is especially important for teens taking the Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Development program as they are able to work anywhere in Canada. Full-Time Swimming Coaches. Development of front crawl and treading water. Contact us. Read more about local pricing and what to expect in our cost guide. Kids that love the water and swimming may continue with lessons well into adulthood and can also participate in competitive swimming galas and competitions. Today, over one million Canadians enrol in our programs each year and 20,000 are trained and certified annually as Water Safety Instructors. I am very experienced in coaching swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. Whether you're only in, on, or around the water in the summer, you live near the beach or have a pool, you want to swim for exercise or pleasure, already know the basics or are beginning anew, the Red Cross offers swim classes for people of all ages and abilities. Introduction to basic floats with assistance. Interested in taking a Red Cross First Aid or CPR course? Swimming Lessons Lifeguarding Swimming and Water Safety Professional Development Opportunities Respect Education Courses Become a Training Partner or Instructor Swimming and Water Safety Tips & Resources The Canadian Red Cross has been offering swimming instruction and leadership development programs in Canada for more than 60 years. Disposable diapers are not allowed as they fall apart with too much water and clog the pool’s filters. This way, you can deliver care to your family and others during medical emergencies. Choking, respiratory and circulatory emergencies such as heart attack and stroke. Contact Services. Visit our Learn-to-Swim page to find a facility near you or contact your local pool and ask for Red Cross swim lessons. Customer Service, Adult, Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED Online, First Aid Certification (Certification & CEUs), CPR AED for Professional Rescuers Materials, Responding to Emergencies & Emergency Medical Response. From beginners to advanced, my lessons can benefit any student. Red Cross Swim Sports is a stand-alone sampler of various aquatic sports for adults and teens. Registration begins September 22 at 8 a.m. To see the full selection of classes being offered, visit leisureONLINE. Ultra Level 6. Development of entries, exits, bobbing and floats without assistance. Please refresh your results and try again. I'm essentially saving lives. For More Information 311 Contact Centre. We will move at the pace desired. Shop Now >, Spend $100, get 10% OFF plus Free Shipping on ALL Books and DVDs! I have over 15 years of experience teaching swim lessons and training swim instructors. The fee for swimming lessons does not include admission and is the cost of the lessons only. I'm a water safety instructor have been certified for over 3 years. This program requires the review of Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources and the City of Toronto’s Concussion Code of Conduct. I started taking swim lessons at the age of six in Mexico, after a terrible experience in drowning. Whether you are a recreational swimmer or just a novice, our programs can get you to the level of your choice. Emergency First Aid is recognized by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Do coursework by themselves and with a partner. Apply, Register, and Pay. Provides extra practice on front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke. Participants work on skill items at their own pace. I offer fast track sessions for children 5 and up to get them swimming independently within 1 month. CPR-C is not included in Bronze Cross courses appearing in the FUN Guide. Effective August 1, 2020, wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory in all indoor public places and public vehicles. Introduction of stride entry, eggbeater, surface dives, breaststroke. I can advance swimmers with my swim book technique and guidance. Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311. Introduction to entries and exits, submersion and breath control, and basic floats with assistance.

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