super smash bros ultimate roster

@Sean161 Gotta Catch them all! As an example, Dark Samus is an Echo Fighter of Samus. The designs of Zelda and Marth look absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see who else they will reveal and what stages they show. Ultimately, it doesn't matter to me at all what they're called - they're still available for play. The next game on the next console either won't exisit or will have to completely reboot the franchise. That Ganondorf Art tho. I’m getting lots of Smash 64 vibes from just the way it looks, that’s a good thing. I'll be interested in seeing the rest of the echo characters, and whether or not any existing characters are turned into echo characters. Also, Dixie Kong and Paper Mario deserve a spot IMO. @Radbot42 because they're considered different enough. @GoldenGamer88I thought I heard during the Direct/Treehouse event that the Echo characters have either slightly altered move-sets or different animations or something, but my phrasing wasn't probably best put, bad day at work kind of made my brain melt a bit, my bad. For Pokemon Trainer - It would be good if future version update could make the number of playable Pokemon optional and allow switchable pokemon within current smash roster, not just 3 Gen1 starters.Eg. Which is.... interesting considering all the cinematics of "characters shown as being defeated by others, even implied 'dead' somehow" (I mean: Mario, Megaman, Luigi.... perhaps even King Dedede/Donkey/Diddy Kong). Do you think if Nintendo released waluigi as DLC for $20 people would buy it? I would like to think Randi from Secret of Mana would be a great addition, but the game has enough swordsmen already! Wow. @Kosmo my sentiments exactly! I would've even be happy if he was an alternate costume, but with blue fire. Every day after school, i run home from xc and grind as link to get that 9.9 intensity on classic mode. Lol at this point i dont mind if they made for every character an echo character. As someone who can barely connect my switch to my wifi which is a mere 1 room over despite my wii, wii u, and 3ds having no issue means I'll have to buy an extra piece of plastic or rely mainly on the single player content when friends arent over. Star fox? Who's your mains right now? P: @marandahir Chrom's moveset shows that while 1 Echo-Fighter is based on another character, they can also switch moves out with other fighters. And instead, Smash Ultimate gets a stock Mario series enemy on the roster... Maybe it's more like Smash Ultimate Trolling? Ultimate's Delayed Tournament Is Back On Track Thanks To New Patch. The most excessive, bloated character roster ever, and yet... still no Dixie Kong! Woo! The Nintendo Account User Agreement, including the Purchase and Subscription terms, apply. But let's get real here, there's no way this Will be the last, @roadrunner343 Managed to find it:"In the end, what was needed for each of these changes was to reduce the work required to balance the game. I was sold on the roster simply when "everyone is here" was announced. @WaveBoy this franchise is way too profitable to close it out with this iteration. I'm just bummed the transformation Finals (Giga Bowser/Mac, Wario-Man, LANDOMASTA-DA) are out, replaced with just yet other pure damage attacks. The mask theme would make an awesome skill set + FD Link as final smash maybe. And yet some people are still mad. Basically what was revealed in the Smash Direct is what happens to everyone.

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