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If this happens consider donating the chick to someone in need, a neighbor, or raising it up to butcher weight. Roosters are fantastic for protecting free-range hens, fertilizing eggs, and for entertainment (roosters are fun to watch and they’re often very colorful birds). What Exactly Is a Broody Hen and How to Stop It? Over large numbers (hundreds or thousands), the hatching ratio of straight run orders averages out to be a 50-50 mix, but with small orders the ratio can vary considerably. 90% accuracy is what the hatchery is willing to guarantee. With that being said, there are a lot of hatchery options online and, in most cases, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at some point during the year. Because they’re happy with their order. Does “straight-run” mean that half will be males and half females? Of course, one of the earliest steps to raising chickens is figuring out how you’re going to get them in the first run. After 15 years of owning chickens, and raising my own chicks, I still cannot determine the sex of my baby chicks…frankly, I’ll leave that to the pros. If it’s time to buy chickens, deciding whether you should buy straight run chickens or pullets is actually pretty simple. If you look at a hatchery as though it were a factory (I know bad example, but bear with me), in essence, skipping the sexing process cuts down on the workload and skips a step in the process, therefore, you won’t have to pay for that step. Some chicks, notably Easter Eggers (also sometimes referred to Araucanas, though they are not true Araucanas), are more difficult to correctly sex. This means that when you order straight run chickens, you do not know exactly what you are going to get (how much hens or how much roosters). To be clear, pullets are young hens and cockerels are young roosters. The sexors would pick a chick from the unsexed bin for a particular breed at random. It’s still possible to have occasional mistakes, but the overall accuracy should be better than any of the other methods mentioned above. In other words, a straight run chicken is a chick that comes from a hatch. Always keep these two important facts in mind: 1. Therefore, if you were to order eight straight run birds, for example, you will get between zero and eight roosters and between zero and eight hens--there is no way to tell. Feather sexing is also a much simpler skill that people can learn more easily than vent sexing, so it can reduce the cost of sexing chickens, especially for large hatcheries. Buying mixed use breeds of chickens means that your cockerels can be raised for meat or breeding when they get older. Just like the females, it takes about 5 months for them to become sexually mature, and ready to mate. This is because the process of sexing a chick is tedious, a tad time consuming, and in general, someone must get paid to do it. Raising Goats – The Complete How To Guide, What Do Quails Eat? Our Heavy Assorted Straight Run combination is for the customer that wants some heritage chicks at a great price. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. How? Only buy straight-run when the sex of your chicks is not an important factor. Why? This seems to be a fairly common complaint. Most breed pages have quantity fields located next to each option (straight run, females, males). Yet it’s not unusual to have an uneven assortment of males versus females when you order straight runs. So, unless you have a plan for the roosters in your order, stick with ordering all females. At What Age Can Chicks Go Outside Full Time? When nearly 70% or 80% of your baby chick order comes out males, does this mean that the hatchery is knowingly stacking the odds and sending you cockerels? If you find yourself in a hurry to have some chicks, you could also phone a friend to see if they’ll lend you a rooster or check out a chicken enthusiast forum like the one over at Backyard Chickens where folks buy, sell, and trade their chickens. The Definitive List of Chicken Treats: What Can Chickens Eat? If you buy a group of straight run chickens, you’re essentially rolling the dice on the split... Pullets. But also anticipate that you could end up with all males or all females. What Are Straight Run Chickens? Straight run chicks are sent "as hatched"--they are not sexed first and then separated out into each order. This video shows you how it’s done. Sometimes these labels look different. It can vary a lot. But realistically, I think their accuracy is better than 90%. Obviously, by definition, any chicks that you hatch yourself are going to be straight runs. Or is it more related to the breeding? This doesn’t work with every breed. If it was a male, they would place it into a bin for designated for males. In the male line, for example, you selectively breed for fast growth of certain feathers. How To Store Your Chickens’ Freshly Laid Eggs. Does “straight-run” mean that half will be males and half females? It is difficult to determine the gender of Easter Eggers at the time of hatch and even as they grow older. "Straight run" just means the birds are not sexed prior to shipping. In addition, some very common hybrids (a cross between two breeds), such as the ISA Brown, are feather sexable at the time of hatch by a difference in the feather color pattern. Having a cockerel mixed into the group could mean that when your chickens come of age, they mate leaving you with even more birds to take care of. To increase the speed at which sexors can distinguish between male and female chicks, feather sexing is often used. And they put females into a separate bin designated for females. But when it does work, it can make sexing of baby chicks much faster (one source says “up to 4,500 chicks per person per hour”) and much more accurate. The hens will be kept around much longer for eggs. A: Straight run birds are an "as hatched" mix of males and females. Some sellers “sex” their chickens, which is to identify the chicken’s gender based on its anatomy. Sexing of these hybrids is very accurate, more so than vent or feather sexing. Is feather sexing related to the breed specifically? If you happen to hear someone talking about a point-of-lay pullet, that usually refers to a hen that is about 5 months old. I may be wrong about this, but I believe that you can take any breed and make it feather sexable. Because most hatcheries only guarantee 90% accuracy when sexing baby chicks. Keep in mind, however, that hens grow slower and not as large as roosters…if that’s a concern. They have hatched, and then they have been sold on. My preferred way to get baby chicks is to hatch from my own flocks. In other words, a straight run chicken is a chick that comes from a hatch that has not been sexed and the chicks in this particular grouping could be males or females. But it’s not 100%. At least not if they’re reputable. With that being said, ordering straight run broilers may not be as advantageous if you want eggs because both sexes should be processed. On that note, you should only order straight run broilers if all are intended for butcher. The assumption is that straight-run lots will be half male and half female but there is no guarantee. In an ideal situation, you would end up with an even split of males and females but playing the odds doesn’t mean you win every time. The excitement of ordering your first clutch of chicks may end up causing some confusion upon their arrival. Pullet Lots In the end, they would have three different types of bins: males, females and straight runs. I can’t vouch for every supplier, but at least this particular supplier was 100% fair in how they fulfilled orders, as I would suspect that most are. Straight-run simply means that you’re getting the chickens “as-hatched.” No attempt has been made to determine the gender of the chickens. Buying pullets keeps your operation pretty simple, and more economical in the long run. The male offspring are then distinguishable by their faster feather growth and the females by the slower growth, again, of the feathers that you selected for. when referencing adult chickens, because, at that point, the sex of the full-grown chicken is much more obvious. No, not necessarily, when you hatch chicks, they may come out 50-50. Even though the initial cost is lower, you may end up spending more on feeding the little guys while you try to find a new home for them. Although you can sex chickens yourself, deciding what to do with cockerels can be a bit of a quandary. You take your chances as to whether the birds are hens or cockerels. You could also plan a nice chicken dinner down the road. By maintaining separate male and female lines. Getting a mix of chickens without knowing the gender ratio can also be kind of fun and exciting. Be cautious when ordering rare or small breeds because these are often only available as straight run. These were clearly indicated, and this made it easy to keep them all straight. Pullets are young females, under one year old. If you’re only interested in keeping hens, straight run chickens might not be a great option. © 2020 All rights Reserved. If you’re in a position to continue raising the. Instead, you might see pullets or cockerels. After reading this article, you’ll never end up with more than you bargained for. A cockerel is a male chicken less than one year old. To produce the eggs that you will hatch, you cross males from the male line with females from the female line. If you’ve done some shopping around, you may have noticed that folks selling chicks describe them as either “straight run chickens” or “pullets.” What exactly does that mean? If you want to order a clutch of chicks and raise your own flock each year from your initial order, you’ll get a variety of males and females that will reproduce each year. When you’re breeding chickens, you’ll mainly use hens and roosters (chickens that are at least one year old) as breeders.

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