phases of psychodrama

All psychodrama sessions
 follow three distinct phases, warm-up, enactment and sharing, with most groups lasting two and a half hours. feelings that were not expressed and
 beliefs which propel the motion. Moreno defined role as “the
 actual and tangible form which the self takes…. This can include how past experiences have influenced thoughts, feelings and behaviours in the present, which in turn shapes the future. 2. This offers space for group discussion and reflection. ‘Beliefs are a network of
 presuppositions that restrain a person from taking action other than the action they 
do take.’ [Williams A. Bob catharts his anger here with the help of a batak and with sounds and words. In a group session, the participants play a central part in taking up roles assigned by the protagonist. Dramatherapy can work in a direct way when it is appropriate and helpful for the client, but it also offers distance from the dilemma. Here we let
 the body lead the way. We investigate the locus to help the protagonist gain insight into the formation and
 function of their coping roles. The conditioning factors for Bob’s withdrawer role at that time were, 
his father was dying with cancer, being nursed by a very distraught mother. There are however a few notable differences: Psychodrama identifies a protagonist with a specific issue. By working in this creative way, the significance and meaning of events becomes clearer. Psychodrama techniques. Co. Dublin, Telephone: +353 (0)1 284 1665 in person in the future. This therapy provides an opportunity to explore life situations from the perspectives of the present, past and future. Bob as boss: Well, I ‘m just surprised to hear him talk like this. Director: What are you feeling right now Bob?. Psychodrama is used both as individual and as group therapy and can effectively improve communication and work performance within, In psychodrama, everything happens on a stage, in the ‘here and now’ of a situation. It is not unusual in a group new to psychodrama, to find some who have braced
 themselves for the experience…the word ‘psycho’ and ‘drama’ hovering in their consciousness as two of the most intimidating words in the English language… and yet 
they are drawn for the hope and promise of meaningful encounter with their psyche and their own dramatic truth. Psychodrama can only be misunderstood
 and misused if practice is separated from its philosophical base. Bob as Robert: I’m here because I have to go out to Miss Black’s class with the
 infants (through tears) and I’m six…I’m wearing long trousers 
now! Exhausted he pauses. It uses role playing and dramatisation techniques to explore the energy enclosed within emotions, dreams and conflicts in order to release the creative and spontaneous self. The protagonist is a term borrowed
 from the Theatre meaning first actor. What kind of teacher are you for God’s sake? It is a direct discourse, that is, with power or redemption”. or email:, “Awakening the autonomous healing center, the power to heal oneself, is how I see the value of psychodrama and all forms of therapy.”, – Zerka T. Moreno,  To Dream Again. This account is not based on an actual client’s work but is constructed to echo themes and processes 
commonly worked within this setting. Director: What are you feeling here, right now? While psychodrama therapists may differ in their specific methods, the following techniques are often used: Once the action phase is finished, the sharing phase begins. Following the boss’s tirade, Bob rather than em-ing’ and erring
 says: Bob: I really can’t think’ straight when you shout at me. The psychodrama therapist will draw on the group’s energy and spontaneity to explore the protagonist’s situation. His desire 
to work on his inability to assert himself and to trust his instincts has resonated with 
most of the others in the group, in doing so he works for others as well as for himself. Following the warm-up, which involved group members, engaging in dialogue 
between their ‘real self’ and their ‘ideal self’, Bob is warmed up to work. Psychodrama works directly with the protagonist's story and uses distancing techniques when required. For appointments please call +31 (0) 645 505 082 This helps the protagonist feel less
 alone and furthers the personal explorations of other group members. The consequence is that he withdraws, suppresses his feelings, isolates himself from 
others. Can you show us? The Director invites Bob to role reverse with Robert in order for him to experience 
the feeling of being selected and feeling included. Searching for a specific counsellor or psychotherapist. If you are searching for an We must practise for the show. Dramatherapy is legally protected by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), meaning that dramatherapists need to be registered with the HCPC to be called a drama therapist. Using imagination and the support of the group, the past can be reviewed and understood from a broader perspective while any unexpressed thoughts and emotions are released. Bob is receiving an all too familiar reprimand. This approach offers clients a safe space to explore their past, present or future. “Spontaneity is defined as a new response to an old situation or an adequate response to a new situation“ (Jacob Levy Moreno). The first step in the work is for Bob and the Director to establish a clear and workable contract, in this case: “To explore my tendency to withdraw and retreat from situations where I feel criticised and to learn to deal with it differently.”. PHASE – I WARM UP Initial activities to build group trust and coherence. They’d only laugh at me (upset)……and I don’t want to 
tell at home ‘cos mammy’s tired and cross she wouldn’t have time
 to come down to the school and daddy’s sick, so he’s not able to. Dramatherapy often leaves the client with new information and a different view of the dilemma at the end of the session, which they can go on to consider and reflect further in their own time. Bob puts his arm around young Robert, reassuring him that he is part of the class,
 and he has an important part to play in the class. It is in this safe place that the individual can step out of her/himself and discover new truths through new encounters: not only with other individuals but also with parts of the self or with objects. Bob as Teacher: Right, children, put away your copy books and get ready for 
singing. Bob sets up the office – his Boss’s office, as he does so he warms up to his material. In this instance we see a situation in which Bob’s 
work is criticised by an authority figure. Springer Publishing Company, New York, Moreno J.L. Have you no imagination? 40 Northumberland Avenue, His tendency to keep his feelings to himself, not talk to anyone and withdraw. This is when the director shifts back into a counsellor role, talking to the group about feelings that were provoked during the session. For example, Frank shared how acutely aware he became of his own tendency to browbeat others, particularly his wife and sons, while playing the role of boss. Dun Laoghaire, At this point the director recognised that Bob has ‘slipped’ into a much earlier experience. For appointments please call +31 (0) 645 505 082 or email: What have you got to say about it? IAHIP Ltd. cannot be held liable for the services, products or information contained in ads posted on this website. Robert: I pretend not to care and I don’t play with the others. I’m going to look like a baby. (If there is a lower ceiling it will necessitate reducing the rises of the various levels of the stage. Our purpose is to highlight what is distinctive to
 psychodrama, therefore we will not dwell on those aspects that are common to
 other forms of group therapy or individual therapy.

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