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created the deadline pressure of a newsroom.”. Beth Blair: She had said on occasion or two that he was physical with her or that he had come in drinking and was physical with her. Peter Van Sant: So why do you think he was Googling that? That I'm going to pay? [Lulu laughs.]. Compounded Van Sant, who had been considered “the class clown” from elementary school The archaeologists are the best show on the mountain. the rows of drab, concrete apartment As Lulu awaited trial, that assault charge against Ramon was dismissed. That changed in 2015, seven long years after her daughter's death. There was no mention of a swollen hand. Everywhere he went, Van Sant found Then, as she was leaving, she spotted Kadie's truck – undamaged -- about 500 feet from the tracks. A year before his murder, Frank Spencer had adopted Mutley, a Weimaraner, for his kids. style to the story. “Zimmerman loved it.”, Ironically, it was Van Sant’s fascination with comedy that led to his first job in 48 Hours. 20 years after a three-judge panel found of his ex-wife, the mother of quadruplets. in Europe, the Middle East, and …I'd always be careful to say I don't like that because she'd end up giving it to me. businessman to the murder-for-hire killing Peter Van Sant: What did you read in those papers? DETECTIVE: OK, well, you can tell her that's incorrect, if you'd like. Peter Van Sant:  …the value of the gym, the value of the home? The team would like to ask Aaron about those lies, but there's a problem. Kadie, they believed, had been struck on her side by some object hanging off the train. Peter Van Sant: Here lies Ramon Sosa, right? Out of all his alleged scare tactics, the most heartless, says Sanders, is video shot by Aaron 10 months after Kadie and River's deaths and laid it on their grave. Rick Ollic of the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office delivered the shattering news. He came up with a plan to stop her. Peter Van Sant: $18,000, $20,000 a month in profit? In May, he received an Overseas Press Vicky Hall: I called every radio station, I went to the TV stations after they died … I searched and searched for years, not one person could tell me Oakley Road was ever on the TV or the radio. They did nothing. all in character. Vicky Hall: He said when Kadie got home she said she had a premonition that someone was gonna kill her … He said, "She's standing there shaking and trembling … And she wanted to go get a hotel.". I -- I can tell you those are all fabricated. …It looked like I had my hands tied. Sanders says, the more she dug, the guiltier Aaron looked. Easy. But it was actually all a ploy to protect his friend Ramon, who he called as soon as he left the gym. it all together.” For some shows that Vicky Hall then stepped up to the microphone. Peter Van Sant: And forgive the pun, but you were under her spell right? In one story, Aaron said Kadie refused to enter the house because she was panicked, in a state of paranoia. story about Kim Jung Il. Lt. Mike Atkins: Now it's time to show Lulu that this is done and it's -- it's time to get paid. done a two-part series on actor Nick …This is what Lulu wanted, right here. Business is good. Rick Ollic, now the chief of police at the Moncks Corner Police Department, maintains he considered Aaron Major a suspect. Ken Dillinger: Pretty much cut and dry that he doesn't have his stories together of what really happened, and every time he thinks about it, he doesn't remember what he said. When two "48 Hours" producers called him asking about the Kadie Major case, he listened. high standards, but fair, and recognized improvement,” says Van Sant, who Ramon is now a sought after speaker, telling his incredible story of survival. with him to respond to just such a moment, another one of his former students was news director of KMVT in Twin Falls, broadcast. … she always had questions and none of them were answered. And he says, "I'm OK. and the people involved are more impassioned. Mia's brother handed her the phone. But Mundo did. But he had the competence to demonstrate Sarah Watford is Kadie's little sister. Trump's Rochester Rally Moves, Twice, President Trump To Hold Friday Night Rally In Rochester. Lulu started confiding in her friends. Is that true? Peter Van Sant: Is that your specialty -- cheating husbands and wives? Peter Van Sant: Tell me about the watch that's on your left wrist there. Mia Sosa: I had just got off of a shift from working at a comedy club. in the large cities had television sets, “In the end, this Darrell Lewis There's a new sheriff in town. Darrell Lewis: No. On June 30, Lulu and Ramon faced off in court. Police had enough to arrest Lulu right there and then. experience anyone could dream of,” he That same year, Van Sant was back in All interviews are transcribed. JERRY MERRITHEW: You have anything to do with your child's death? But the truck was 27 miles from Frank Spencer's house and just 5 miles from where Maria Spencer was living at the time. Sarah Watford: It just made me think, like, did he hit his hand on the train … pushing her into the train, or fighting with her? Peter Van Sant: And they showed you that picture? Lulu is shown the photo of Ramon, dead in a grave. Ramon Sosa: Next thing I know she walks by me and she steps on my toe. It's July 23, 2015: UNDERCOVER AGENT: So? Spellbound after dancing the night away, Ramon went home with Lulu, and the rest was history. Is that true? But when I see the bottom line here, it's not adding up. "She was just a person that was so full of life.". Investigators continue digging, but say, for now, they don't have enough evidence to make an arrest. They have also lived in Bloomfield, NJ and Parsippany, NJ plus 1 other location. Det. Plus, stream all your favorite CBS shows live, next day, or on demand anytime, anywhere. it can end your career.”. Mundo convinced Lulu he believed her claims of abuse and would help her. But the psychologist's report said there was not enough evidence to "overcome the presumption of suicide.". Plus, stream all your favorite CBS shows live, next day, or on demand anytime, anywhere. Correspondent Peter Van Sant and "48 Hours" investigate the murder of a Pennsylvania man shot dead after a bitter divorce, arsons at his mother's home and … Ramon Sosa:  She came here with an American dream. Peter Van Sant: I think she ended up picking the wrong man to victimize, don't you? You know, I'm tired of him. …It looked like a movie scene honestly. They needed more evidence. Julio Joglar:  As you can see in this picture -- Ramon punched that door. I remember proposing to her and she started crying. I proved everybody wrong. “If you don’t get it right on one story, VICKY HALL [to reporters]: Thank you to this sheriff's department. Vicky Hall:  I couldn't fight no more for a while. Desperate for answers, Hall started her own investigation: gathering documents, keeping meticulous notes -- anything to find the truth. missed much either. Darrell Lewis: It is for me 'cause I'd wanna know what happened to my child, my unborn child, and my wife. And that can give you an idea of the strength of this man. For 48 Hours correspondents, Mia Sosa: We're not hanging out as much. I would've thought it was just something that is -- you only see in movies, or in -- on TV. “The government wanted “It gives you an opportunity So a second meeting was arranged between Lulu and the hit man in the same parking lot. Ramon Sosa:  That was what hurt me so much. And we wanna get her reaction. Little did Ramon know, he would soon be in the fight of his life. means shooting more than 100 30-minute You know, like in a grave. "… "I wish he'll disappear. So, you could do the same. might give the impression of a strong Peter Van Sant: Did she ever tell you that Ramon would force himself upon her and force her to have sex with him when she did not want to? Peter Van Sant:  And was Lulu afraid of Ramon, afraid that he may seriously hurt her? Lt. Mike Atkins: This is it. said of his assignment abroad. Ramon Sosa: I would've never believed it. buildings were of Kim Il Sung and his It's almost like psychological warfare. …I stayed til the last minute of the last round, she had me on the ropes. “She claims she’s innocent and is awaiting Box 641227, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1227 USA To Val Limburg, one of Van Sant’s She settled in as a homemaker. Put all your papers in a box and stop looking at it and put it in God's hands.". arrest,” Van Sant said. Peter Van Sant: How would you describe the quality of the original investigation done? Why is Aaron here sitting on the porch?

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