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서울 강원부터 경상도 충청도부터 전라도 And the famous video of Bang PD rapping to introduce the Audition: “A-Yo Hitman Bang introducing Hit It the Second Audition!”. The reporter explained that their song was a rap song written in dialect and that it rose to #3 on portal sites straight away after being released. What’s gonna make you do rap? Before we carry on to look at Dialects in songs, we need to talk about a fun feature of the song. Hey, if we were to talk about Gyeongsang province. People who don’t use standardised dialect are often presented as being inferior to people who use standardised dialect, simply because of the way they talk. Here it can be “hey” or “there.”, 오메 뭐시여 요 물땜시 랩 하것띠야 If you eat Skate fish from Heuksando, all your orifices will open up. I have lived. “Gaga, gaga?” in Gyeongsang satoori, is a short form for “geuai ga, geuai inga?” in standard Korean, meaning, “Is that kid, the kid you mentioned?” 형이 좀 솔직히 한 번 생각해봤는데 경상도 남자가 좀 대세인거 같다 우리가 와버렸다고 전하라니까 (What) 우린 멋져 엄청나게 I think men from Gyeongsang Province are good looking. Gyeongsang province satoori makes any man want to use it, 전라도 말들은 너무나 친근해 Gyeongsang Province satoori makes any man want to try using it. V and Jimin also celebrate their dialects and touch upon struggling to give it up through their V-live series called 구오즈 만다꼬 (Gyeongsang dialect for: “What are 95z up to?”). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ah, whatever, hey, I’m a Daegu boy, I stick to my word, 하모하모 갱상도 쥑인다 아인교 Did you become speechless because of what I spoke in Jeolla satoori? Some more voices were added to it and the beats got a bit of a revival, but it is still clearly the same beat and song. ~. Hey hey, what are you saying (What) Hey hey, what are you saying (What), 히야가 좀 솔직히 함 생각해봤는데 경상도 남자가 좀 대세인거 같다 ( Log Out /  Some idols have been unable to “fix” their dialect and a few of those have found a way to use it to their advantage. Did you become speechless because of what I spoke in Jeolla satoori? I’ve conceived. However, there is a specific part of the song that speaks against this interpretation. 그 아이가 그 아니니? (4) Side note: many (even the members) point out how RM has been absorbing all the satooris over the years and developed “Namtoori (Namjoon satoori)” that is a mixture of his standard Korean, Jin’s Chungcheong satoori, J-Hope’s Jeolla satoori, and Gyeongsang satoori of SUGA, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Why are you being like this? Only ours goes with English, y’all never understand it The song was later re-recorded and included on their O!RUL8,2? Quick question, does the title ‘PaldoGangSan’ mean anything in particular? Gwangjoo is the best! ( Log Out /  Smelling this fermented fish can cause similar symptoms of “opening up all the orifices”. Okay, honestly, let me be honest, 경상도 사투리는 남자라면 쓰고 싶게 만들어 Hmm what should I do, 전라도 씨부림땜시 아구지 막혀브러싸야 Ah, whatever. Tell them we are here (What) We’re freaking cool, 아재들 안녕하십니꺼 내카모 고향이 대구 아입니꺼 There’s also an operating train station that is closest to the border with North Korea. This is why some fans prefer to call it Satoori Rap, which seems easier to remember than the actual title 팔도강산 (PalDoGangSan), although it is a great title, which we will discuss in a bit. Hey, give it to a kid Pre debut BTS being on the news is just the first little gem concerning Satoori Rap, and there is a lot for us to talk about regarding this song, so let’s keep digging. Have a definition for Paldogangsan (BTS song) ? Simon D has always been famous for using the Gyeongsang Dialect (specifically the Busan dialect). They give a sense of identity and community, the same as a nationality may give us. J-Hope: No, that isn’t right Hyung-nim. We can all communicate, right? 겉만 봐도 딱 가시내 울릴 방탄여 It is notorious for its extremely sharp, pungent aroma and often gets described as the extremest Korean food. When someone catches a foul ball, people will shout “아주라,” which means “give it to a kid.”, What did you just say? (GS) The same sky that’s facing all of us. Produced by Pdogg Suga: I’ve seriously thought hard and long about it, and I think Gyeonsang guys are really cool. 경상도는 억세다고? Hey, as Daegu boy, I’m not gonna say it twice. People from Gyeongsang and Jeolla are known for fighting, as I’ve also explained in my blog about Sope and their Hwagae Market. Uncles and aunts, stop being stuck in the corner and come out to enjoy. Here. If we were to talk about the Jeong of Gyeongsang province, it’s like the spirit of sharing everything, (1) 정 (jeong) is hard to be translated into or be explained in other languages (it’s actually pretty hard to define 정 even in Korean). I have extended family from Gyeongsang Province, so I found it a bit easier to translate those. ( Log Out /  Oh my, what is this? Marado (Mara Island) is the southern most island in Korea, off of southern shore of Jeju Island. It’s not like we’re strangers!! So, with Satoori rap, J-Hope: No, it isn’t. 요즘은 뭐 어디 사투리가 다 벼슬이다만 And if you wanna talk about Satoori, it’s Gyeongsang Province. The feeling can be toward humans, animals, and even objects. Paldogangsan = Rivers and Mountains of all the regions of Korea. Rap Monster and Jin naturally employ the Standard Seoul Dialect since they grew up in Ilsan and Anyang, both of which are cities in the greater Seoul area, but J-Hope grew up with the Jeolla dialect, and everyone else in BTS grew up with the Gyeongsang dialect. For the Skool Luv Affair album, they made the song Where Are You From? 강산, which literally means rivers and mountains, refers to (1) landscape/scenery or (2) the land of a country. Pre-debut Jungkook went to LA to learn dance and when he returned he wrote a blog about it. 20kg is about 44 lbs. Have a definition for Paldogangsan ? 갱상도는 억시다고? Hyung-nim. I’ll show you later~, Have you heard this phrase, “gaga, gaga?”. Cockney English is commonly associated with working class and English people who naturally have this accent face a lot of struggles to be seen for their full worth and achievements and not the sound of their dialect. Who said that? ( Log Out /  The last 가 is a Gyeonsang satoori version of 니, an ending for interrogative sentences. 말 다 통하잖아? J-Hope: Ah right, Hyung-nim, do you know that BTS are coming out on Sim Sim Tapa? The first 가 is “that guy,” referring to the guy that we just started talking about. I am a novelist by profession, currently working an epic fantasy series about 7th century Korea. That’s nothing. But BTS already had a song out that impressed, and that song was 팔도강산 (PalDoGangSan) often referred to as Satoori Rap. Add Definition. I say it isn’t~ From the first look, he’s an obvious BTS that will make girls cry over them. 무등산 수박 크기 20키로 장사야 (JL) I’m a new army so I’ve been going crazy reading everything I can find on BTS and their lyrics :D. I have a question: I’ve looked on several sites with the lyrics but I can’t find anything that shows what Yoongi and Hoseok say during their conversation (in Korean, I mean. Please share the link instead of reposting to ensure the integrity as I might make minor edits over time. Someday, though... Ah Hyung-nim, the 21st of August at Hongdae there’s the Hit It Final, don't you even know that? Hello.. A lot of assumptions about their worth and intelligence are made simply based on their accent. (GS) J-Hope: Don't you even know that? (JL) (GS) Why keep fighting, in the end they’re all Korean. Gyeongsang dialect (especially words and intonations used by men) tends to be strong and harsh, and men from Gyeongsang province also has a stereotypical image of manly, almost macho-like men. “Since your mouth is blocked, have a bite of fermented stingray to open it up.”. Let’s play without a care today whether boy or girl. He doesn’t rap specifically about South Jeolla, he raps about the overall Jeolla dialect which includes all of North Jeolla and all of South Jeolla. 문산부터 마라도 The vocal line would have heard 팔도강산 (Satoori Rap) before signing with the company, and a few years later, they would perform that very song together on stage in front of a larger audience. 아저씨 아주머니들도 거기 박혀있지 말고 나와서 즐겨 The nose is the smelliest part, and Heuksando (in south Jeolla) is the most well-known place for fermented stingray. So the eight provinces that BTS refer to in their title, seem more likely to be our second option: These provinces are bigger and more accurately define the dialect areas of Korea. (What! The vocal line hadn’t even signed with BigHit yet. (Yup, I just copy-pasted my notes from, Ah, whatever, hey, I’m a Daegu boy, I stick to my word, Sure sure, I told you Gyeongsang province is freaking awesome, 아주라 (ahjura) is something you’d hear in a baseball stadium in Gyeongsan region. The lyrics and flow stayed the same. The performance of the song is great fun and I readily admit that I adore watching the dance practice too. It is characterized as a prime example of well-established Korean language that has clear beginning and ending, Only ours goes with English, yall never understand it, Okay 솔직히 솔직해질게 Taking a photo can be illegal? Note that I did not write: “of South Korea”, but simply “of Korea”. . Oh my, what was that? Now, what did you just say? So he specifically refers to South Korea in this last part of his rap. What do they mean? That’s nothing. (standard) Speaking it once, wow, makes me happy. Oh my, what was that? They are required and requested to use Standard Speech, and have to abandon their dialect. It was first released on the 17th of August 2011 - two years before BTS’s debut - as an announcement for BigHit’s 2011 Hit It Audition. 앗 이게 뭐야 이런 분위기에 랩을 하겠어 ), (Standard) Mudeung mountain watermelon is the largest, most expensive watermelon in Korea. I loved this song the very first time i heard it though I didn’t understand a thing then. Reply. What is the Hwagae Market, Translation : Jungkook’s pre-debut adventures in LA. Ah~! Moodeung mountain is a mountain by Gwangju Metropolitan in Jeolla Province, and they grow special type of watermelon here that are often 20 kg (44 lbs). It has very high ammonia content and can make your eyes water. What are you talking about. 아직 말하자면 새발의 피니까 A good example is this song called 피곤해(Tired) from Supreme Team’s first album Supremier in 2010 that is almost entirely in Gyeonsang dialect. Idols that every korean can relate to, no matter if they’re from the big city or not. Ah right, Hyung-nim, do you know that BTS are coming out on Sim Sim Tapa? (2) 아나바다, which I translated as “the spirit of sharing everything,” is actually a campaign name that is a short form of 아껴쓰고 나눠쓰고 바꿔쓰고 다시쓰자 (Be frugal, share, exchange, and reuse). Suga: I’m asking you what it is! Every time they perform Satoori Rap they personalize the fight to be relevant to where they are of what they're doing. Ah, these country bumpkins. 1, Pt. I guess everyone knows about Hwarang (elite youth in Kingdom of Silla) now, with V’s new K-drama.

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