meaning of swak in afrikaans

Curry in a hollowed out half-loaf of white bread. GERRICK (gher-rick) ‘He felt lomp after that 12-hour surf session.’. Spurt of adrenalin, thrill. Brandy and Coke. The more old-fashioned way of saying pull in*. Paddle ski. Bokkie – a small buck, or affectionate name for a female (my bokkie), Bra – Afrikaans word for male friend – “dude” in English. Shortened to Grom. Grommets are kids. ‘I fell on my nought.’ ‘I saw my nought.’ ‘It’s as cold as a polar bear’s nought.’. ‘Let’s hit the jorl, ek sê.’. A classic saying heard in bars around South Africa is ‘Are you checking* me skeef, China*?’ (Are you looking at me funny, mate?) Early-morning surf as the sun is coming up, otherwise called a dawnie. such as ‘Ag, no man’ (sign of irritation), or the more neutral, ‘Ag, I Excellent, perfect, incredible. The verb is used in a number of ways, such as ‘Sheila was spading Bruce big time.’ ‘Bruce will have to put in lots of spadework if he’s going to pull in* to Sheila tonight.’ Also charf*. A hot surfer will perform a radical move. Back out. SUSS RE-ENTRY Full of energy. (From Zulu, "wall"; this has become a mainstream word for such a feature. Swells travel in intermittent sets, with a lull between them. Absolutely, right on, to the limit. MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. Have a sip of someone’s drink. COOK BUSTER Café. smeerlaken - Afrikaans lit. 3 Yours sincerely. When a big wave looms on the outside*, you scratch to get over it. Don’t drop in* on me again or I’ll moer* you with a picket fence.’, NOOIT (noy-t) Youngster. It could be 10 minutes, 10 hours or never. A really beaten up old jalopy. First I got klapped* by the lip*, then I moered* into the bricks at Brighton (hard-breaking KwaZulu-Natal surf spot). INSANE The clan name for Nelson Mandela universally used as a term of respect and affection. Think, reckon. Quality: This is used in weird and wonderful ways in the same way as ‘shit’. SLOWBOAT English to Afrikaans Dictionary (Free). Perhaps a pun on the word ‘wasted’. Sometimes just wors, or boerie. SORRY ‘That oke* is jacked.’, JAGS (yughs) ‘Hey bru*, Nahoon is firing on all cylinders, ek sê*.’, FLASH A general term pertaining to either a person, behaviour or situation, zol - a homemade cigarette rolled with old newspaper or rizlas (likely marijuana-filled) joint (equivalent to American "doobie"), gogga - bug (from Khoe xo-xo, creeping things, here the g is pronounced like ch in Scottish loch), donga - ditch of the type found in South African topography. . ‘Hey bru*, check this bankie* I scored from my mert*!’ RIP, see shred, tear, carve, lacerate In small swell, the waves will break on the inside. SWAK phrase. Technique to duck under oncoming waves. kêrels - police (Original Afrikaans meaning: guys). Apparently, derived from ‘skoolverlater’, which is Afrikaans for ‘school leaver’. SPADE, spadework ‘Jono, you legend!’ his friends might say. Dumbhead), same as German "dummkopf". Steek 'n ent! ‘That prop forward is a staunch ou*. ), siff - if something is gross or disgusting or ugly. The word comes from the ‘Berg’ (Mountain) of Table Mountain, where bergies lived under bushes or in caves. MERT Usage Frequency: 1 Toyi-Toyi – South African Zulu for protesting and dancing in the street. Cookie. Little piece (Afrikaans). Boiled maize meal (mielie pap) is the staple diet of many South Africans. Skitsels are the stalks, pips and bits of leaves. is majat.’. It can also be used as a noun. ), eish! If someone has fat takkies they have a souped-up car with wide-brim tyres. Push your surfboard under the wave, then lever it with your knee or foot as the wave passes overhead. It derives from the Dutch word for "lightning", and often occurs in conjunction with donner. ‘Your feet hone bru’! ‘Me and my boet* went with the bergies* in the bakkie* to score*a bankie.’. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. RAT ‘I was vrot last night.’, WAAI (v-eye) swak - … If you are facing the wave, you’re surfing frontside. Human sphincter. Favourites are Marie, Romany Creams, Nuttikrust and Eet Sum Mor. Equivalent in offensiveness to "Nigger" in USA. A goofy-foot* surfer rides a left-breaking wave frontside. The same as ‘My God!’ ‘Oh Lord’. lag - to laugh. An Afrikaner might reply: ‘Ja, well, no fine’, a more emphatic, long-winded version of ‘No, fine’. ‘Don’t globe me out, bru*, or I’ll moer* you’. a blanket. FADE Partly responsible for the sad existence of the bergie*. Usage Frequency: 1 among politically correct people. Grown in KwaZulu-Natal, minty, almost peppery, and makes you on*. Fancy. Occasionally refers to other fruit and vegetable pips. ‘That was such a rop wave.’, RUSH Also – of course – a little piece of something. Wimp, wimpish. goffel - Ugly girl/woman. Durban. From Australian slang for body-boarder. Nice, radical. 31. When someone takes off and drops in front of you on a wave and breaks surfing etiquette. This is mostly a Durban word that is used as an adjective that amplifies things. Tube. SKITSELS (skuht-sels) People who live at the coast (and surfers especially) consider them to be a lesser breed of person – more interested in making a living than parking off* on the beach and checking* out the waves. ‘That wave at Muizenberg was awesome, bru!’, AXED ‘I was slukking my dop* when some oke* got klapped* for slukking another oke’s dop.’. Usage Frequency: 1 It was carrots for him.’ STUKKEND (stuhk-uhnt) Tokoloshe – evil spirit. ‘I was caught inside when a 25-wave set* broke.’. Parents, old people. (Dated). Wavescape Mk IV - Developed by Kalemanzi Media Solutions. RODS All slashing or cutting motions can be applied to a surfer who is going off in cooking* waves. DURBAN POISON. Excuse me. (For example: John: "Bra, I just found out I have a million dollars!" Original Afrikaans: weak. slops - flip-flops, swak - carrying out an action resulting in an undesirable or negative outcome; "when you chaffed my cherrie the other day, it was swak oke. "), mos - Afrikaans, implies that what has been said is well known or self-evident (a formal part of grammar, the closest English equivalent would be "duh!"). Chommie (Pronounced – ‘Ch-ooom-mi’/ china – my friend, my buddy – How are you my chommie? on sand. Can be done by aggressively pushing your board into the lip, or by allowing the lip to push your board over as you reach the top. ‘Donovan, why don’t you park here?’. ‘He got caught in the rip.’. 2. A prime choice for connoisseurs. shy to mix it up. (iz-zit?) More meanings for swak. Durban slang for bru. ‘As soon as I checked the boere* pull in*, I ducked.’. Surfing manoeuvre that entails turning vertically up the face, hitting the lip and dropping down the wave either on the face, or over the broken foam. miraculously become PC. Pickup truck in the United States, ‘ute’ in Australia. BROWN EYE It can be eaten as a sweet, soft porridge, or cooked up stiff to be eaten as a starch with a main meal, in which case it’s usually referred to as ‘pap en sous’, meaning pap and sauce (or gravy). We haven’t chooned* each other since that time! Definition of SWAK in the Idioms Dictionary. Old Brown Sherry. KOWIE It does not mean unique as in ‘There can be only one’, but a utility word meaning lank*, kiff* or very much. At some breaks, there are a number of reefs or sandbars, some further out than others. Quality: Very angry. Smoked snoek can be eaten as is, which is delicious, or served in a dish called ‘smoorsnoek, which tastes better than it sounds. Surprise, bewilderment, shock (Khoi). WILDSIDE Used when describing the quality and size of a wave. 'n Motorenjin wat swak ontwerp en ongesofistikeerd is, is ... A car engine that is poorly designed and lacking of sophistication is? ‘Let’s klap another Klippies*.’. Good surfer To jump off your surfboard, usually when the wave is about to close out, or you have taken off too late and are about to wipe out. Stoned, out of it, far gone. Long narrow fish with sharp teeth found off Cape Town. Tekkies – sneakers. Not a tropical disease, just a general ‘Hey like’ lethargy brought on by the mind-stewing quality of the local ‘herbs’. English. Blah blah, yada yada. HAK (huk) RADICAL, rad Many a nostalgic surfer will remember the days they lay on the beach with friends around a fire wrapped around a bottle of OBs. daai cuiter pronk toe nog so lekker toe donner ek hom, dik bek - grumpy, in a huff (literally: "thick mouth" (pout), with an image of puffed-out cheeks like a bullfrog), domkop - idiot (lit. Also called booger, doormat, gutslider, shark biscuit, speed-bump and sponge. Stand-up surfers don’t like them because boatmen* paddle faster and catch more waves. Best when the bread is fresh. Reference: Anonymous, swak kommunikasie tussen ouer en kind was 'n probleem, Last Update: 2015-04-22 ‘The surf is jacking*.’ ‘Supers jacked to six foot in an hour.’ 2. Kooks can be all ages. It could be a good wine, or it could be plonk. 1 Thanks. ‘Checking Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee on video made me jags.’. The Kei is known by surfers for great camping, excellent point breaks and sharks.

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