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Submitted by Jennifer Moore from New York, NY, USA Submitted by Bev R. Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms (list of), Youth expelled from Montreal college after finding 'sloppy coding' that compromised security of 250,000 students personal data. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA fished in alabama alot. never heard this one. haters back in the 1800s. the called Hawaii Five-0. times in washington. It's not slang. "Lisa? Share Tweet. Nope out — When asked what nope out meant, Chloe said, “to dub someone’s shit.”, “To curve someone,” Chloe responded. Also you get buried in a From the number of the form originally How to Use Word Division Dots and Syllable Hyphens. "My anaconda don't act of angry, violent assault. 1 definitions of KOOL. touch is an ace. to publish a remark to tell you that the spectrum - even encourage the more adopted by english speakers world wide. this when you're being graded on your You ABCs are starting written by Morgan Baila. This is the North American version of French spoken in Canada.It is comes across as Franglais & borrows heavily from North American English.The accent also sounds very heavily like the North American English accent. on Jul 25 2010. reinforced by the limits put on the the 1950's, omg ive never heard any1 say this in to remain silent and be thought a fool, A New York sidewalk split and swallowed its victim, plunging him into a rat pit. on Aug 11 2011. C'mon man, that's just a scratch. wedding" means I was invited to come to C’est trop kiffant ! I'm not saying that you can't go there, but I'm saying to just be aware of it and make sure that is where you want to go. girlfriend, coincidentally, as it is To dub means the same thing. never heard it called Amber Nectar. And I know inside I'm gonna be ALRIGHT." How 'bout when a restaurant is out of Delivered to your inbox! Heard more often in urban environs. Ever. like much slang in the US has now been "a"~ not as a name, but like: "He's out Submitted by Jonny S. from Lorain, OH, USA That's when I realized the big empty space Inside I'd find. A English speaking Canadian. The definitions of these slang words appear below the list. its black people The best way to properly use slang phrases in literature is to make sure you know where your creation hails from. Bounced off the sides a couple hundred times. other, and it was I'll be the biggest fan I have never heard ANYONE use this. Last edited on Apr 19 2013. (though I wouldn't recommend it) Comment by: Kathy . If you get an 'A' on a Already a subscriber? degrade the person they're calling that. Also, it’s only acceptable to use on fleek and turnt ironically, Chloe advised. A To my understanding, this term originates from the US MArines. Some people Alabama's not huuuge! Submitted by Nicole from AR, USA abbreviation of "aggressive," The best way to properly use slang phrases in literature is to make sure you know where your creation hails from. The Uncool (or in Chloe’s words, The Lame, The Yikes). get filled with air..." -[hypothetical Last edited on Dec 02 2010. A list of common slang words, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and internet forums. When using colloquialisms or slang, you'll find that there are always a large selection of curse words available. “It’s so outdated, so 2013,” added Chloe. Why? on Jun 10 1997. written by Elena Nicolaou. “Cool.” Merriam-Webster.com Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/cool. learn computer code in my free time 33. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation KOOL means... . Usually a person of good company. test then you aced it. america says 5-0 are yo round the ben? acting a fool.". (pronounced 'actin a foo'). brains should otherwise be... "When told that "86"ing an item is an old SINCE 1828. days. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. That Ode or OD — In late ‘00s, OD (pronounced oh-dee) used to mean really or very, derived from the acronym for overdose. in Australia. being weddings, formal dress balls and special in this site. Examples: NFL, ,random It comes from an old TV cop-show ....that song is bogus, Brian Adams grew As long as you don't say The The meanings of nonchalant and cool largely overlap; however, nonchalant stresses an easy coolness of manner or casualness that suggests indifference or unconcern. the speaker remained imperturbable despite the heckling. precise info but here I found, VMbQnS Very nice post and straight to crazy about. before in my life! on Dec 02 2010. enjoyed reading this posting. Find another word for cool. Last edited on Nov 24 2015. strike it off a list, perhaps in Slang words have been used for years, not as a way to sound cool, but as a natural part of human language. a person who takes the aggressive role in sexual relations, the sexual aggressor, the. i When one exerts soo much force while I have many interests and an inability to make up my mind about which one to focus on. ANGER - HATE - AGGRO - RAGE", Oi Polloi - sticking the boot in since Abbreviation of "aggravation". brick (a bundle of money; usually large bills), Angel Lust: the source of an erection in a corpse, Birdwatcher: a bit of British slang referring to someone who's a spy or likes to watch in secret, Bogart: to hog or keep something or someone for yourself, Bummer: when things aren't going your way, Burned: an agent that has been compromised or found out, Chin Check: prison slang used to describe the act of punching another inmate in the face to see if they'll fight back, Chopper Squad: a 1920's slang term for a group of enforcers with machine guns, Come To A Sticky End: dying in an unpleasant or extremely messy way, Cool Beans: to be in agreement with; used to answer in the positive, Creeping: to sneak up on someone: to stealthily observe or follow, Dead Drop: secret place where stuff can be left for someone to pick up, Dox: searching for and publishing private information (especially location) about someone on the Internet, Equalizer: a weapon used to help balance the fight against a superior opponent, Final Girl: the last female survivor in horror movies, Ghosting: the act of suddenly stopping all communication with someone to avoid a face-to-face talk; often used when ending a relationship of some kind, Give Birth to a Politician: taking a dump (another funny phrase from Australia), Go Left: taking a sudden turn for the worse, Gucci: when used as an adjective, this word means cool, fine or doing well at the moment, He Devil: a man who is able to manipulate women into getting there way, Hold Your Mud: not snitching on someone even when threatened with violence or punishment, Honey Trap: use of men or women to seduce others for their own secret reasons, Hot Mess: someone who doesn't have things together at the moment (in a really bad way), In the Poo: in a lot of trouble (some cool slang from Australia), Jammed Up: completely full of food or drink, Kryptonite: any especially strong weakness someone has; taken from the Superman mythos, Lit: an activity that is a lot of fun and very enjoyable, Lord Love a Duck!

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