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Like Red Hen Press, Bellevue Literary Press also does outreach with local school systems and communities. Sign up for their mailing list to get updates on when they are open for submissions. What are they looking for? by Satanai Aloush. You missed out on Black Rose Writing ( This time round we met with two lovely people at the Arts Council London offices to discuss a real business development plan. Melville House began in 2001 specifically to publish a book of poems by sculptor Valerie Merians and fiction writer/journalist Dennis Johnson called Poetry After 9/11, a book comprised of things sent into Johnson’s book blog, MobyLives, after the attacks. I’m excited to see innovative use cases for InfluxData technology, and it’s been really fun to experiment with it myself using the Arduino and InfluxDB 2.0 (hopefully a blog on that coming up soon!). All of our internships are organised through Creative Access. Want to be noticed by them? Whatever you send them must be either okay-ed or shot down by nine staff members. Looking back on our previous applications we can see why. The company is highly selective and will spend more sustained time editing and marketing excellent books than simply building a large list. Based in the UK, most of its books are centered on specific places and people groups. Ig Publishing is dedicated to representing overlooked fiction and political/cultural nonfiction writers. Usually, they only accept unsolicited manuscripts through their. They want books that redefine what books can be — hybrid books, graphic novels, books that push the envelope on form and ideas. If you aren’t doing something crazy or strange, don’t submit here. We so dearly want them to be valued for their outstanding talents and I’ve felt really good being able to write a contract for them stating that they will get paid in advance of the book being printed! Thus contest is designed to promote books that unify international exchanges and creates a diverse literary discourse. Would you please add Thirty-three Pages to your list of publishers? Looks like if youre not LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ, you may as well forget about writing. Far from a traditional publisher, Black Balloon actually looks to be the exact opposite. Its individual titles and authors have been awarded over 50 literary honors including the American Book Award. Submissions are open for The Permanent Press, but they do not accept them electronically. The world moves fast, and technology moves even faster. In addition to representing books, Forest Avenue represents small and unheard voices in the literary world with the Main Street Writers Movement. Success! Contact Sales Both look for work that throws away traditional systems so that fresh new writing can surface. Writers can still send in manuscripts via their, Get this: 60% of their writing is by females, which they say was not an intentional decision. Lots of awards. Lastly, the rest of the money will go to our designer Chris for his wonderful work and also any artists that work with us on book covers or art inside our books. For a better idea of the work they publish and whether or not your manuscript would fit with their collection, check out the Coffeehouse Press Fall catalogue. Sitemap, Team-building remains an important priority despite the shift to remote work, but doing remote …, This post was originally published on But they host events throughout New York and elsewhere, so they give you chances to bump elbows with the right people. Now, Melville House has become well-known for its fiction as well as poetry. Make sure to check out their current catalogue. They publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and anthologies. Learn Korean language. Their testimonials page is filled with authors who have loved working with them. As an experimental (avant-garde) writer, I hope these independent publishing houses will publish more experimental (avant-garde) texts with independent ideas and independent writing styles. Literary Wanderlust is a small Independent Publishing House in Denver. They offer a subcategory for everyone: literary fiction, LGBT books, YA/middle grade, comics, current affairs. That’s not to say it wasn’t worth it, but for two people like us – a punk and a golden era hip hop junkie – grant applications have never entered our lives. We raise a toast the future of independent publishing! They are growing quickly and heavily market their authors. Unlike many of the other publishers on this list who do not have a preference, Autumn House Press is specifically interested in new and lesser-known voices in the literary world. Some publisher is going to get very wealthy from my work. We are a small press primarily focus on African American, Native, and Latino authors of all genres. Not only that, they promise that they’re open to new authors, as long as their voice is authentic and inspiring. Hi, Send full manuscripts for fiction and either a manuscript or a proposal for nonfiction and whatever their decision is, they will reply. Receive a free copy of "DEFEAT WRITER'S BLOCK". Hi, the website isn’t working, is it ? Read More » Yukta Rakesh. C & R Press is one of the faithful few in the independent press community that can sometimes be overlooked. Apparently in their search for “kick-ass writing,” they found a majority of kick-ass women writers. Their submission guidelines state that they only publish literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. For instructions on how and where to mail your hard copy, visit their, Although not currently accepting print submissions, they are accepting flash fiction for their online journal. Now check your email for your free PDF, "Defeat Writer's Block.". What a great list. They’re doing fantastic work, but quietly, in the margins, and they deserve more attention. I look forward to reaching out to our community soon, and to learning from all of the brilliant people who help make InfluxData great. Hello, I have been searching for a newer and smaller publishing house and their are two on here that I might check out. They are looking for the experimental and avant-garde. By Associated Press New York’s governor is now urging residents to avoid nonessential travel to neighboring Massachusetts, as the state adds California to its COVID-19 advisory. This summer I had the amazing opportunity …, Whenever I start a new experience, whether it’s an internship or a new school …, Working Remote: Keeping Culture Alive During Unprecedented Times, Why I Loved Being an Intern at InfluxData. Cheers and best wishes John. I would especially recommend you apply to their contests — they have several throughout the year, and every contest has a great reputation for publishing good work. It is very useful as I try to navigate the confusing world of publishing. Work that challenges political norms and embraces emotion. Thanks for compiling this list. Although not currently accepting print submissions, they are accepting flash fiction for their online journal. Many of these presses are failing miserably and will publish collections of poetry or short fiction only. The headline reads 30 best… I’d like to know what the criteria was for deciding who made the cut. Influx Press aims to publish stories from geographical spaces and cultures where resistance is under explored in the mainstream. Check their submissions page for more information about how to submit and updated open call dates. The rest of the money has gone on a few other things. well that was a wasted effort. For me, it’s a bit like taxes – if I knew what percentage of my income tax went on the NHS and what went on defence spending I’d be much happier/angrier about the tax system! With a team of talented editors and artists, each book comes out looking lovely and ready to read. var addthis_config = {"data_track_addressbar":true}; We are very happy to officially announce that Influx Press is now Arts Council funded. We’ll do some engagement and a book launch. Thanks for the lists!!! Their, Submissions are on a rolling basis, and you can still submit a, Currently they have a chapbook competition in process, but they have open reading periods twice a year. Their fall reading period starts up in November, so check back at their, For a better idea of the work they publish and whether or not your manuscript would fit with their collection, check out the Coffeehouse Press, Unagented submissions are open occasionally. The Arts Council, after rejecting the initial application because we’d put £500 in the wrong place, agreed to everything we asked and we went ape shit in the office for about thirty minutes. Their about page lists exactly how your book will be designed and bound if you publish with them, so it’s obvious that they’re meticulous about the work they represent. Why I Loved Being an Intern at InfluxData . They accept unsolicited manuscripts twice a year through Catapult’s Submittable page. To be at the helm of a team that develops a solid, dependable, widely used open-source product is both humbling and exciting. Right now they are open to submissions for their new Dzanc Books/Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize with their international literary program in Portugal called Disquiet.

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