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• Standard 4-bit parallel interface to directly connect to microprocessor ports GC7119A is a high performance, low power, serial external CMOS A / D converter that enables A / D conversion accuracy of four and a half digits and requires only a few passive components and a reference source for single-chip operation . VIN:Max 8V,Vout:1.2~4.5V, Low Noise, Low Dropout,High PSRR, Output Discharge • UP1585QQAG(MARKED EC EM)=TPS51123A=RT8223P(MARKED EQ=) RICHTEK RT8223BGQW • • RT8223B DS=CC DS=CD DS=CE DS=CF DS=BJ DS=BK • Short circuit detection voltage: 1.35 V • Chip current is less than 1.2mA It includes a seven-segment decoder, display driver, reference source, and clocking system to directly drive light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ). • SN608090 ISL6237 = TPS51427 RT8206B • I2C serial I/O port (slave mode only) Continuous Horn Driver, Low-Power Ionization Smoke Detector IC with I/O Interface, USB 8051 Flash MCU embeds the high-performance 1T 8051 core and USB interface, megawin also provides the complete developing environment by offering the Virtual COM and HID Library to simplify your design and shorten your time to market. Mode:PWM/PFM,VIN:Buck 6V; LDO 6V, 1 x 7V/1A Buck,1 x 6V/0.5A LDO Internal leading-edge blanking circuit and synchronous slope compensation circuit.Current mode operation.Jitter frequency and burst mode function. It is a precision, quad, half-slope integrated monolithic A / D converter with digital driver and multiplexed BCD output. Low Quiescent CurrentHigh SpeedLDO, Ultra Low Power Consumption • RT8205 = TPS51125 150mV ± 30mV ‧ Overdischarge release voltage﹝VODR﹞ 2.8V~3.2V, Accuracy of 100mV VREF-2.5V • High accuracy of output voltage CD4020B, CD4040B, and CD4060 are a set of binary counters for traveling wave carry. High accuracy constant Voltage output control.Internal transistor driver circuit.Primary-side feedback mode. • 4 functional buttons: ON/OFF, SELECT]J/K^, MIN/MAX, HOLD/ALARM are switched off and on by external digital signals and contain logic level translators inside the chip. MC74C922 is a matrix type 16 ( 4*4 ) key encoder with a single row, single row switch . • 128-byte data memory (SRAM) Such as UART, SPI, PCA and STWI. (*Build-in RC OSC), Dynamic LED Display Driver with the Function of Key Scanning,display mode:5grid×9seg~4grid×10seg,key scan mode:9 x1 . Precision Oscillator, Infrared Remote Control Transmitting IC Based On 4-bit Flash:3K,SRAM:256,EEPROM:128,IO:18,Timer:18bit TIM0,12bit TIM1,16bit TIM2,PWM:4, Flash:2K,SRAM:128,EEPROM:256,IO:14,Timer:2*8b,1*16b,3*12b,PWM:1*10b,3*12b, Flash:4K,SRAM:256,EEPROM:256,IO:18,Timer:2*8b,1*16b,4*12b,PWM:1*9b,1*10b,4*12b, Flash:4K,SRAM:512,EEPROM:128,IO:18,Timer:1*8b,2*16b, Flash:8K,SRAM:1K,EEPROM:256,IO:30,Timer:4*16b,3*16b, Flash:10K,SRAM:1K,EEPROM:128,IO:18,Timer:1*16b,1*16b,1*8b, Flash:3K,SRAM:256,EEPROM:128,IO:18,Timer:8-bit TIM0,12-bit TIM1,16-bit TIM2, Flash:1K,SRAM:64,EEPROM:128,IO:6,Timer:1*16b,1*8b, Density:64K,Org:8K*8,VCC:1.7V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:128K,Org:16K*8,VCC:1.7V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:1024K,Org:128K*8,VCC:1.7V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:512K,Org:64K*8,VCC:1.7V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:256K,Org:32K*8,VCC:1.7V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:2K,Org:256*8,VCC:1.7V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:4K,Org:512*8,VCC:1.8V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:8K,Org:1024*8,VCC:1.8V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:16K,Org:2K*8,VCC:1.8V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:32K,Org:4K*8,VCC:1.8V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz, Density:64K,Org:8K*8,VCC:1.8V~5.5V,Speed:1MHz.

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