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As always, I have a challenge question for you today. I’ve got it for you.). Clarifying Words for Head vs Heart Decisions, PDF Guide: Hassle-Free PDF Conversion with PDFBear, Uncomplicated Way of Compressing a PDF Document Online with PDFBear, Easy, Fast, and Safe Tips to Convert PDF to JPG for Free, on Positive Adjectives to Describe People – Good Adjectives List, on Clarifying Words for Head vs Heart Decisions, on The Most Popular Jobs After Graduation, on PDF Guide: Hassle-Free PDF Conversion with PDFBear, on Uncomplicated Way of Compressing a PDF Document Online with PDFBear, on Easy, Fast, and Safe Tips to Convert PDF to JPG for Free, on Interactive Methods and Forms to Teach Foreign Languages, on Become a Volunteer for one of Positive Words Research Projects, on New Positive Words Are Created at Positive Imperative by Founder Victor Sinclair, on How To Encourage A Child’s Brain Development. Thank you for the useful lessons and new vocabulary! someone who talks a lot or is easy to talk to; talkative. exuberant, fair-minded Will forward to some of my ESL friends. When things change, Alexa can change with them: Versatile — She can do different things depending on the situation. Is it about her appearance or just a general feeling? And I want to thanks to Clark for use very simple examples to help us to understand this issue. pro-active, rational So, let us have them: A adaptable… She also “applies herself.” This means she isn’t lazy, and she tries to do the best work that she can: Self-disciplined — She can control her own behaviour easily, and she’s organised. List of 100 common personality adjectives that describe people positively. I want more uncommon adjective words to describe a lady who is an educationist. For every negative word, fortunately, there is the positive opposite. He is… Read more ». Did you enjoy this lesson? Persistent — She never gives up! I love the flow of this lesson. This lesson was extremely useful and I was hooked since minute one. There are two main reasons for this: She has so much power in her. Thank you so much it really helped! Synonyms: adventuresome, audacious, bold, courageous, enterprising, intrepid, risky, brave, calm it really helped me to complete my assignment. We have been friends for 50 years! If I ask you, “What do you love about your best friend,” you’ll know exactly how to respond after today’s lesson. Kooky — She’s a little crazy. Considerate — He always thinks about other people when he does something or talks to someone. Loyal — She will always be on your side. He is very considerate and affectionate and he always ask curiously about my day. It is really good about describing a personality. plucky I’m am using the words to describe my teachers in cards for chirstmas. He is always helpful and sympathetic. Please comment. She is good at painting and making handcraft stuff. i like this site, student of ECC but a have problems with adjetives and nouns . Quick-witted — She can think quickly and intelligently. having a strong desire for success or achievement. I’m a native English speaker and I have a degree in English, but I still need to research words in order to choose the best ones! OPEN, OPEN-HEARTED, OPEN-MINDED, OPTIMISTIC, OPULENT, ORIGINAL, OUTSTANDING, OWNING-MY-POWER. Giving — He likes giving things to people — it’s the same as “generous.”. Glad to help and keep up the good work! Abrar. Adventurous — She likes doing new and different things. And I’m so glad you enjoyed the lesson, Maria. Describing people, as well as things, is pretty difficult in another language. Wow! Laid-back — She’s very relaxed about everything. polite Keep in mind that although they all mean “well-educated,” each word has a different connotation (implied meaning or tone). someone with great charm; one who inspires others or is compelling. . She’s also very a very sociable and happy person: Cheerful — She’s always happy. She’s also not afraid of anything. Thanks so much once again for being a real driving force in setting up the vocabulary classes !! Fearless — She has no fear. Enthusiastic — She shows a lot of excitement and interest in things. For now at least! You’ve used some of the vocabulary from this lesson and I like your use of ‘driving force.’. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I am proud of this ray of sunshine in my life. It’s easy to read and for ESL student like me, it’s very important. Secon as every body of this world wish to get , I want to speak English while I’m not english native speaker. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We all know that words have power and energy that can impact on our behavior both positively and negatively.Words transfer energy that has the ability which can heal, hinder, help, hurt, harm and humiliate.” This is such a great invention of unseen powerful force just like gravity.We must learn positive words and speak with much discipline. What if you just have the feeling that she might be funny? I was able to effectively describe my friends. From now, I will star to use everyone of this words. sensible Hi Ayesha, You’re so welcome, Yuliana! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks. Thank you so much for made this site. You’re so welcome, Asif, and thank you for the kind comments. It is important to know the definition of each word in order to use it exactly as you mean it. Today we’re going to advance your knowledge and focus specifically on positive traits. Carpe diem!Server responsed at: 09/20/2020 10:24 p.m.All texts are contributed by our excellent writers. creative, determined When people have a lot of energy, this energy often transfers to you. We’ll put them on our list and think about adding them to a post. But you don’t have to remember all of them. Let’s imagine each category as a different person. someone who is very creative; someone who has a natural ability in art. courageous Thanks alot. Hi, there friends ! enthusiastic “Starting the project Positive Words Research in 2013 guided me to find the mental health that I needed and helped me discover my life’s mission. What joy and blessings they bring to us. Our language is complex because so many other languages have influenced it through the centuries. Thanks so much! Do you know anyone who is a ray of sunshine? Some adjectives for someone who is smart and well-educated are knowledgeable, enlightened, erudite, refined, scholarly, intellectual, well-read, academic, studious, bookish, brainy, urbane. OK. The aaproch is very interesting n attracting. List of 100 common personality adjectives that describe people positively He is so industrious and diligent. Would love your thoughts and questions. When I was a child I loved visiting her, and not only because she is a great cook and I am that type of a person who loves food (I guess it’s a positive trait, we… Read more ». For example, the word “brainy” implies someone who is a genius or obsessed with learning (affectionately known in slang as a “nerd” or “dork”), while the word, “refined” implies someone who has been educated in manners as well as educated academically. How to Describe Your Personality in English, Negative Adjectives to Describe People in English, #191: Talking about Pros & Cons in English, #190: Advanced English Vocabulary for Elections and Politics, #189: Make Suggestions in English — 12 Effective Sentence Starters. Though the letter Q is often quite quiet, as you can see, there are definitely some nice positive words that start with Q to describe a person, thing, feeling and more. Adventure Travel in English to Boost Your Vocabulary#180: 20 Ways to Ask 'How Are You' in English [Expand Your Vocabulary]It's Blustery! It’s a nice thing — it means that everyone speaks a little differently from each other. . This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Helpful — He likes helping. you helped me to know my myself who am I ?? Is that correct or acceptable? Hilarious — She’s very, very, funny. Although we have a Turkish option on our website, our blog posts are only available in English. I like what you said, “…I always do things silently and let the results catch the attention…” Another common way to say this is, “let the results speak for themselves.’ It has the same meaning of the sentence you used. forceful If you are a coach, you can give this list to […], Positive adjectives that start with E letter Positive Words Research has compiled a list of positive adjectives that start with E to describe a person. Contribute to my research on positive words and share my project.” – Elena Daniela Calin, the person behind Positive Words Research. We might use words like: Hi , Annemaria. I think you want to say that you and Alice have been best friends for 15 years, starting from when you were in college, is that right? Awesome! That sounds like a fun post. romantic, self-confident LIST OF POSITIVE ADJECTIVES FROM A TO Z “POSITIVE DESCRIBING WORDS” Notice! Do you mean someone who’s “smart” and “educated?”. If you are looking definitions of the adjectives, just click the headlines. Can I found any other information regarding to this subject in different languages? She’s an unstoppable force! Hi Annamarie . Welcome to the world’s most carefully crafted collection of Positive Words to Describe Someone! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. These nice but powerful words will get you started thinking positively about yourself and about people. Nik is the friend who’s great with people. I’m so glad this lesson was helpful and you had some wonderful ways to describe your husband. . Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. At work she is a reserved person but with her friend is very affectionate and gregarious. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Alice is one of my best friend for over 15 years when we was still at college. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much Clark. These good words are specially chosen to help in coaching. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there arent 23 adjectives and idioms in the list shown above. Alexa is a great worker. But in a fun way. first of all I’d like to thank you for this session. OMG, This Website helped me sooooooooooooo much!!! Lots of good words there, but most people are too lazy and just use “Great” for everything. List of 100 common personality adjectives that describe people positively You may use them for inspiration or to enhance your resume. Learn to effectively discuss the pros and cons in English, whether you need to make an important decision or you want to share you thoughts on a political issue. Let’s imagine each category as a different person. P.S. She is ray of… Read more », Hello Chi, that is fabulous to hear the lesson was useful for you. Ayesha. A good adjective for someone who loves food and loves to cook is a foodie. what a considerate, sincere, and helpful person you are ???? someone who is very happy, perky, and often optimistic . I love the way you say ‘she is kind of sympathetic’ and that she is a ‘ray of sunshine’ for you. But for slightly different reasons: Freya is fun to be around for several reasons.

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