frightmare danny phantom

Episode Danny shot his eyes open and panted heavily as he sat up and a weird looking helmet that was on his head was destroyed and fell off. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The longer Nocturn's in there--, The stronger he gets. Much to his shock, his entire family is fast asleep, wearing the same metal helmets he had. She then exclaimed, "I'm the maid?!". Those two are really…", "What?" "I really hate to do this to you Andrew but…" Dayla said and then phased inside Dream Paulina. "Time's up Danny and Dayla Phantom" Nocturne said as he conjured two balls of energy within his hands. Danny said with surprise, "The cafeteria? The dreams of everyone in this town. Andrew shouted. I'm coming with you. Danny: Hey, Frightnut. They both groaned in pain and weakly stood back up. Throws? My army will keep the world asleep so that I may remain all powerful. Created by Kevin Sullivan, Butch Hartman. C'mon, guys. Dash then said, "Duh! Nocturne then nodded and said, "Sweet dreams ghost boy", The green ghosts then threw Danny and left him floating around in the Ghost Zone. He covered her mouth and turned them both invisible, the ghosts looked through the alley but when they saw nothing there, they continued on. Woah... [Zoom out to show Danny sitting on a floating piece of rock in the Ghost Zone with rows of purple doors and windows.] I promise. Close-up to her jacket that reads, "DANNY". Danny Phantom Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The ice block falls down a long way. Both Star's smiled and walked over to the fridge to grab some. Sam capped the thermos and then said as Danny landed right next to her, "That was too easy", Nothing had happened. Not a good idea and it was definitely not a good idea to force my sister to have a nightmare". Danny asked. Cut to Danny Phantom floating in front of Fright Knight and Nightmare, his sword is held in his … She kept on using her ecto blasts but knew that she wasn't going to last long. Danny flies up through the ceiling. Dayla then asked, "Do you think everyone will believe this was all a dream? I am the king of dreams. They both then turned back and looked at Nocturne who asked in confusion as he looked at himself, "I don't understand. A billboard that reads, "Amity Park IT'S HOME!". Tucker shouted as he continued pressing buttons on his PDA which was hooked up to the antenna. She frowned that she was about to stop such a beautiful dream, she then saw Paulina come along and groaned as she thought of an idea. "Tucker, Dayla, Jazz and Andrew did it!" What do you want?! That new antenna must be receiving signals from all of the headsets. Danny phases through the roof and flies up after the Fright Knight, resuming his color. No! We'll explain everything on the way. Danny what exactly woke you up? Cut to Dash. "Okay let's see what's playing on Tucker vision" Dayla said as she began typing at the computer. ", Danny and Sam tried to turn and run, but only found themselves blocked off by Nocturne's entire army of Sleepwalkers. ", The ghosts said nothing and continued to hold firm grips on their arms as they flew over the town. ", But nothing happened. It's too quiet". Nocturne is the ghost of sleep and dreaming. I, uh, I don't even remember what my dream was about. Don't worry ghost boy. He turned and started flying towards the direction the scream was coming from, he kept flying until finally he found her. Dayla then started giggling at something and tapped Danny's shoulder and pointed at someone wearing a janitor's uniform. Danny: Huh, what, a dream? With a flash of light, a ring forms around him and transforms him to Danny Fenton. Everyone cool with the plan? Season "Sam I'll find a way to get this off you. "Yeah well dreams, gateway to the subconscious. This is quite a cozy place for a ghost like me." [Suddenly spots the broken helmet lying a few feet from his feet and picks it up. "Lair?! Nocturne! Jazz asked. Danny and Dayla fired a couple of ecto blasts each at the four green ghosts, however the ghosts split holes in their stomachs and allowed the blasts to go right through them. Danny sits down next to Sam and they lean toward each other, but just as they are about to kiss, the vision fizzles away. "SLEEPWALKERS FORM! Cut to the Fright Knight and Nightmare, being engulfed by the blue beam. (chuckles) I don't think so. Nightmares". "Come on we gotta free Sam and Andrew". ... FRIGHTMARE. He yelled, "DAYLA! Title: Before he can react, he meets again with the ghosts with stitched eyes and the dark creature. Haha. I-I get it already. Within Nocturn’s dream, Nocturn is already all-powerful. He then saw that his dream self and her were about to kiss just like they were about to do in their dream, he gasped and nervously started backing up but he accidently bumped and caused a table behind him to fall stopping Dream Danny and Dream Sam from kissing. "What are these stupid things anyway?" Danny let out a few laughs before closing his mouth shut. Oh yeah well, dreams. She screamed and tried to get free, "Nooooooooooooo!". Danny: C'mon, guys. In " Frightmare," Nocturn and his army of Sleepwalkers made the entire citizenry of Amity Park fall into a deep slumber, slipping a metal helmet on each person's head to keep them asleep. "A whole new ghost and yet he's kind of familiar" Danny said. She placed a hand on her chest and panted heavily, she then saw Danny beside her as he asked, "Dayla are you okay?! "Cool" Danny said and then went back to fighting the Sleepwalkers. "Oh no! Before they could fire another blast each, two of the ghosts grabbed Danny and two of the ghosts grabbed Dayla and started taking them somewhere. And what I want, I already have: your dreams. With billions of people in your realm, imagine the energy there is to harvest. Last time, Danny stopped him, but it wasn't easy. Danny and Dayla both flew up to the case and tried to open it up, but it wouldn't move. It's only a dream!" Where ya been, buddy? ", He moved over to the next seat and said, "Uh…nice jacket", She smiled lovingly and said, "It's not black but it's yours and that's enough for me", Danny smiled lovingly back and they both closed their eyes and began leaning in to kiss each other, Dash, Tucker, Dayla and Andrew just smiled at the couple but just when the two were about to kiss…. We all woke up by being surprised, if either I or Danny beat him in his dream, he'll startle awake and then we can catch him in the thermos". Who are you? I know. I've never overshadowed anyone with a partner before. You have no power. "TIME TO HYBERNATE!" Dash has really come in handy today" Danny said. Danny and Dayla turned back around and faced the charging Sleepwalkers, Danny and her then fired a powerful combined ecto blast and destroyed them all in one blast. Both her family and Andrew screamed as they began to plummet to the ground. They all began to scream as they began to plummet to the ground, Andrew managed to grab a hold of Dayla while Tucker jumped off the balcony and grabbed a hold of Jazz, as the antenna exploded. "Sweet dreams!" Danny wakes up from a dream, destroying a unique helmet placed on his head. His happiness is cut short when the Fright Knight appears. Danny asked frowning. "You shouldn't struggle. I'm getting an "A+" in science, so that was really more of a rhetorical question. "Hate to cramp your style dude…well actually no I don't" Danny said. Nocturne untied the boy and carried him in his arms. Pay attention guys. He's huge!" He made a puppet motion with his hand. Three Sleepwalkers attacked. "I guess we should've warned you about that Tuck" Dayla said. "Let us go!" Danny flies home to Fenton Works to look for clues and is met with complete silence.

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