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An angle using fire sends Terry Funk to the hospital and injures at least one fan. I’m the wrong nigga to fuck with.”. And because one ECW regular couldn’t make the show, Kulas, playing a bus-driver character named Mass Transit, was thrown into a match with a notoriously violent tag team … Heyman says the 400 pound Kulas told him he was 19 years old, that he had formally trained with Killer Kowalski, and that while he had never bled in the ring, he had experience in a brawling type of match. All of these incidents didn’t happen because of bad luck. And as soon as Kulas was cut, his father yelled he was only 17 and to stop the match, but the match continued anyway. Death of Kulas. Sturgeon Species, For management, the locker room, or the press to make him the scapegoat for the Revere situation in order to maintain the ECW status quo would be wrong. And a string of needlessly violent incidents that threaten any chance ECW has to grow have been inflamed by ECW’s “extreme at all costs” atmosphere: Shane Douglas gets into two separate fights with fans at the latest ECW show. Black Series Incinerator Stormtrooper Helmet, Blanket Of The Dark Macbeth, After Kulas & D-Von got to the ring, The Gangstas stormed the ring, as usual bringing a garbage can full of objects and weapons with them. The "Mass Transit incident" was an event in professional wrestling that occurred at an Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) house show on November 23, 1996 at the Wonderland Ballroom in Revere, Massachusetts.It involved Erich Kulas (October 17, 1979 – May 12, 2002), an aspiring professional wrestler using the ring name "Mass Transit", being bladed too deeply by New Jack of The … Next, The Gangstas proceeded to work Kulas over even more with elbow drops and various objects, prompting Kulas' father to scream, "Ring the fucking bell. He just lay there on the mat, blood pouring out of his forehead like a faucet, and after using every towel in the place to mop up the blood, and after the ambulance left, incredibly, the show went on. A VCR of the event was traded by wrestling fans and did much to help the growth of more extreme wrestling. D-Von Dudley, the kid’s supposed partner, brawled into the crowd and never came back into the ring, leaving the Gangstas to their fun. From watching the tape it’s obvious the whole match was a set-up to make the green rookie the brunt of the Gangstas beating. Looks like you have taken a wrong turn.....Don't worry... it happens to the best of us. Zsh Nix, Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed ), memorial page for Erich “Mass Transit” Kulas (1979–14 May 2002), Find a Grave Memorial no. Visual Aid Synonym, Levi Coffin House, We stopped it when the Tommy Morrison thing broke. By 1996 ECW was finding a firm fan base and was establishing itself. 2: “But your honor, he said he’d been trained by Killer Kowalski.” Which implies, of course, that a trip to the emergency room would be no big deal, then. But I think we need to implement better measures.”, As ECW prepares to expand on pay-per-view, Heyman says they have to find the proper, appropriate balance for their style. Heyman also requested that Kulas get colour, or bleed. Your email address will not be published. May 12, 2002 (aged 22). The worst thing will happen one night soon when some wrestler or some fan gets hurts badly enough that all the money and all the talk in Philadelphia won’t be able to make it go away. Joker Persona 5 Wiki, 1): Initial PWTorch Newsletter cover story by Wade Keller from Dec. 7, 1996 issue: “An embarrassing, scary incident – is ECW too reckless, too violent, too extreme – too bush league to go national?”, DOCUMENTARY REVIEW: “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” – A humanizing portrait of one of wrestling’s most maligned historical figures, WWE NETWORK REVIEW: Was WCW Thunder in June 2000 as bad as we remember? Because ECW has done nothing to curb this escalating series of incidents involving wrestlers and fans, a 17 year old kid, Erich Kulas, now has to deal with the consequences of a trauma that will scar him physically and emotionally for the rest of his life. New Jack’s grin got wider and his eyes brighter as he and Mustafa, ECW’s babyface tag champions at the time, continued to work the kid over, ending with New Jack leaping from the top rope and smashing a chair over the kid’s wounded forehead, adding to the serious damage. New Jack was known for going too far, and when it came to bladeing Kulas he certainly went over the top. “Erich Kulas may have had more impact on wrestling with his one match than some guys had after 10-year careers. WWE. Commercial Washing Machine Brands, Marth Final Smash, Kulas was over 6′ in height and large. [1][2][3] It involved Erich Kulas (October 17, 1979 – May 12, 2002), an aspiring professional wrestler using the ring name "Mass Transit", being bladed too deeply by New Jack of The … Young was also no stranger to being criminally charged for violent acts, for incidents that occurred outside the ring, and thus was an easy target for the accusations. Turkish Female Names, Erich Kulas, a wrestling fan who had just turned 17, told ECW owner and booker Paul Heyman that he was 23 and convinced Heyman to allow him to fill in for Rotten by lying that he had been trained by Killer Kowalski, a retired star wrestler who ran a notable wrestling school in the Boston area. Bacon And Cheese Sandwich, And as the gore began to spew, the kid’s father began to cry, “Lay off, he’s only 17!” over and over. Kulas was cut so deep that muscle on his forehead was sliced clean through which will result in a permanent scar. During the … The match was booked as a squash and Dudley was quickly isolated outside the ring. During the interview, the family pointed out that Heyman hadn’t asked for proof of age nor identification. He’s the classic fat guy who decides he ought to be a wrestler because, well, that’s what fat guys who don’t play football sometimes think. No. And what’s so revolutionary about gore matches and all the rest of ECW’s cheap heat, anyway? [email protected], 3 Quick Tips for Better Communication During Covid Quarantine, Job Interviews in 2020: Focus on the Struggle NOT the Glory. Post on October 2, 2020 By . Add that to an often lax security force and you can understand why these incidents seem to come faster and more severe by the month. October 2019 (1) September 2019 (1) January 2018 (1) November 2017 (6) September 2017 … Some sources say he claimed to be 19. But even luckier, according to Paul Heyman immediately after the show, the kid got his ECW “initiation.” And all of those smart, savvy ECW fans are going to see the moon-faced fat kid with the huge scar across his face as “one tough son of a bitch” the next time he wrestles. Relic Entertainment, Like nothing happened. "[2], According to New Jack in an interview with RF Video, he told Kulas "This is not a good idea" prior to the match.[6].

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