desmopan w dp85085a

Add No.704, C 1# Fuyuan Bussiness Building, 44 Direct, Baoan Area, Shenzhe ZIP 518101 Tel 0755-29961281 Fax 0755-29961282 E-mail 300 ester grades (sport shoe grades, reduced-wear) : 4. Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering Molded parts can be printed and painted. Used primarily for articles subject to wear, such as castors, shoe heels, pneumatic hoses and bellows. An additional characteristic is their very good low temperature flexibility. Texin medical grades:These grades meet the requirements of ISO10993 Part 1 “ Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices” tests with human tissue contact time of 30 days or less. In comparison to fossil-based TPUs, the … This is the most frequently used range of products for extruded articles of all types and for highly stressed structural parts. More information on the subject of “Food Contact” can be provided. Desmopan 100 ester grades:Injection molding, extrusion and blow molding grades with a high mechanical strength. In addition, our Desmopan® eco range offers exciting new possibilities for increased sustainability. Desmopan 200 ester grades:Blown film and coating grades that can be used for the production of commodity goods in food-contact applications. Compared with the 100 and 300 ranges of ester grades, improvements have been made (depending on the grade) to: These injection molding grades are used primarily in functional engineering components for automotive, mechanical and plant engineering. Desmopan W8000 aliphatic grades:Products based on an aliphatic isocyanate combine the familiar TPU properties with resistance to yellowing due to UV light. The shoe shells and ski boots produced from them are light in weight and offer high stiffness and elasticity with very good low-temperature impact strength. They have good microbial and hydrolysis resistance, swell less in water than the ether grades and have mechanical properties comparable with those of the ester grades. Apart from the products listed here for injection molding, slush and extrusion applications, we can, on request, also provide you with further information about our latest product developments. They have outstanding adhesion to leather, textiles wood fiberboard and various plastics including polyurethane elastomers and flexible PVC. Download Desmopan W DP85085A Download Desmopan DP 9585A More>> Texin TPU. Desmopan 500 ether/ester grades:Economical ether/ester grades combining the advantages of both classes of raw materials. 6. Besides, Covestro’s TPU materials are widely used in many industries e.g. Their properties can be adjusted by the modular principle through careful selection of the raw materials. Download Texin 985 Download Texin 970U Download Texin 950U Download Texin 945U More>> Current/Total: 1/1 . Water content =0.05 % Drying temperature 70-110 °C Drying time Dry air dryer 1-2 h Components made of R-TPU are noted for their high heat resistance, good low-temperature impact strength and sound insulation, good flow properties and accurate reproduction of detail. Applications include cables, hoses, profiles, films and shoe shells. Areas of application include extrusion coating, seals, injection-molded engineering components and watch straps. Desmopan 900 ether grades:Products with very good hydrolysis and microbial resistance. Some of the values displayed above may have been converted from their original units and/or rounded in order to It also acquires extraordinary properties in processing and good elasticity. Polyurethane, Preprocessing Max. automotive, electrical and electronics, construction and the sports and leisure industries; and they include the following properties, which make end-user very interesting for a broad variety of applications: 1. They are suitable for the manufacture of adhesive film, webs and fleece for bonding other materials. Low swelling values in oils, greases and solvents. We advise that you only use the original value or one of its raw conversions in your calculations to minimize rounding TPEE from Korea LG has good mechanical properties. 9. For this reason, no assurances The modified Desmopan® grades also have high scratch and abrasion resistance. 11. 8. Covestro is a world-leading supplier of thermoplastic polyurethanes at present. 7. An additional characteristic is their very good low temperature flexibility. Desmopan 600 ether grades:The grades in the 600 range can be used as an economical solution where the hydrolysis stability and microbial resistance of the 900 range are specified, but the demands made on the mechanical properties are lower. Under broad range of temperatures and requirement of operation, it shows very good performance in its properties in mechanical, physical, chemical and electricity. This page displays only the textof a material data sheet.To see MatWeb's complete datasheet for this material (includingmaterial property data, metalcompositions, material suppliers,etc), please click the button below. Desmopan Glass fiber reinforced grades (R-TPU):Injection-molded parts made of glass fiber-reinforced Desmopan® are noted for their low shrinkage and low coefficient of expansion. Covestro’s Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU), LG Thermoplastic Polyether Ester Elastomers (TPEE). Basically, every one of the talents displayed by Covestro’s TPU resins can be tailored to the particular end-user. We also ask that you refer to MatWeb's, Recently Viewed Materials (most recent at top), Tensile Strength, Yield, ISO 527-3, parallel. 3. These products are therefore particularly suitable for colored applications in the automotive segment. In extrusion applications, there is no crystallization of the melt with grades in this series even when the extruder has been in service for a long period of time. Desmopan 700 carbonate grades:The grades in this range have been developed for specific applications and have been successfully used in practice for many years. Hot-melt grades:A linear TPU hot-melt grades with a high crystallization rate and a very low thermo-plasticity. Field of application: exterior automotive engineering components. 10. Potential applications include rigid/flexible combinations.

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