definition of science for kids

Here’s one definition of science: ‘Science is how we try to improve our knowledge and understanding of the universe.’. or 'How does this work?' latest public health information from CDC, NIEHS Office of Communications and Public Liaison, NIEHS Staff: Request an Update of This Webpage. Science is the system we use to learn about the universe. They do not grow and do not reproduce. Visit the Earth Science for Kids page to learn more. Why do they hibernate in the winter? Thank you. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Scientific Method Lesson for Kids: Definition & Examples, What Does a Scientist Do? They are always asking questions and then finding the answers. In 160 words, Trump reveals how little he cares about the pandemic, How to drive digital innovation necessary during the pandemic, We need to go to Venus as soon as possible, U.S. outlines sweeping plan to provide free COVID-19 vaccines, Cincinnati’s Secret Sauce to Help Minority Businesses Succeed, Sleazy Billionaire’s Double Life Featured Beach Parties With Stephen Hawking. Less formally, the word science often describes any systematic field of study or the knowledge gained from it. In the summer, your part of the world would be nearer the sun. He wants to ding his opponent as unstable or unpopular, so he seizes on Biden’s actual embrace of science to do so. Enchanted features online science dictionaries for students organized by subject. Anyone can come up with a reason why rain makes flowers grow faster, or why leaves change color in the fall, or why there are clouds in the sky, but how do you know the reason is correct? There are many subjects and branches of science. The children's dictionaries make complex terms simple through language that is easy to understand. Your explanation – or hypothesis – would not have been supported. Because they would look silly wearing jackets! Questions and responses to this activity will vary but should involve using the scientific method to answer a question. The .gov means it’s official. The scientific method has begun; your observation is: ‘It’s colder in the winter than in the summer’. The word itself comes from the Latin word scire, which means ‘to know’. Science is a search for general laws about how the world works. Can you think of reasons to explain why it’s colder in the winter than in the summer? Think of a question you have about how the world works. has thousands of articles about every 1300–50; Middle English

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