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Will the veto screw up her master plan? Davina returns to present the second of the live eviction shows. Tonight, either James or Jeff will leave the Big Brother house and two new Houseguests will rise to power. The housemates all get to know each other. in another argument with Jade. (TV-PG L), Who will the jury crown as the winner of Big Brother? When Davina talks to the house again Dirk learns that he has finished in third place and after leaving he talks to Davina about his time in the house. The housemates have to nominate for the third time. Plus, a love triangle brings Austin to the boiling point. about the crowds reception to Jo and is worried that she will get the same reception. And, will Liz and Austin make it official? Davina returns to present the live final. Carol Malone and Donny Tourette. The housemates react to Jade's eviction from the house. More highlights are shown of life from with the Celebrity Big Brother house. Danielle is upset that two of her closest friends have left. Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! And will it be used to save either Jackie or Steve from eviction? More highlights of life from within the Big Brother house. Plus, will Austin and the twins make a power play against the poker player? Davina returns to present the third of the live eviction shows and announces that because of what has been happening in the house this week there will be no crowd for tonight's eviction. Dirk and Jermaine talk to an upset Shilpa to calm her down. (TV-PG L), Tonight, the battle for the final HoH begins. Two surprise guests will kick off the two-night premiere event as the Houseguests will live in a modern steel beach house that features a towering sky bridge, making it the largest house yet. Sep 15, 2020. When Davina returns she talks to Leo about his decision to leave the house. Also celebrity super fan Kathy Griffin returns to begin her BB Takeover! All rights reserved. All the action from inside the infamous House full of famous faces. house. Plus, the entire house is thrown into an emotional chaos. Leo finds living in the Big Brother house more and more difficult and contemplates leaving the house. Watch all 26 Celebrity Big Brother episodes from season 5,view pictures, get episode information and more. Big Brother informs the remaining housemates about Ken's decision to leave. Jackiey continues to cause friction in the house. The series first aired on February 7, 2018. Danielle and Jack leave the house together and receive a bad reception from the crowd and Davina talks to them about their time in the house. Episode Recap Celebrity Big Brother on TV.com. Plus, a second Houseguest is leaving! The division in the house grows even wider as a result of the argument. Shilpa continues to find life difficult around Jade, Danielle and Jo and ends up. Shilpa misses all the other housemates who are living next door. (TV-14 D, L) Episode 17. Plus, see the shocking fight that happened right before the eviction. Jo and Danielle are fed up with the way Dirk is behaving. (TV-PG L), Tonight, which juror will earn their way back into the game and who will gain power as the new head of household? The housemates are set a task and have to split up into groups and create some art work. The housemates are set a task where they have to answer questions about each other. (TV-PG L), Tonight, who will claim the power of veto and guarantee their spot in the final four? More highlights are shown of life in the Big Brother house. The. Highlights are shown of the previous 24 hours in the Big Brother house. Dirk remains distant from the other housemates and talks to Big Brother about how he is feeling. Jo becomes upset when she thinks of home. Live uncut footage from inside the infamous CBB house. Dirk becomes the victim of the housemeates jokes. Davina returns to present the first live eviction show. Please read the following before uploading. Watch Celebrity Big Brother episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Plus, the final five begin a battle for power. to get the rewards of the challenge from the lounge without entering the room. worried about what the outside world thinks about her. (TV-PG L), Who will get the seventh phone call and win the power of the last laugh and how will it shake up the live eviction? Jackiey and Shilpa. Shilpa talks to Big Brother about Jade's eviction. Plus, another Houseguest will be sent to jury! Plus, the final three celebrate the summer. The housemates react to Jackiey's surprise eviction. Jackiey starts to get on Shilpa and Ken's nerves and there ends up being a big arguement between. When Davina returns she talks to the house and announces that Jack has finished in 6th place and then announces that Danielle is in 5th place. More highlights are shown of life in. Plus, which houseguest will be evicted, and who will become the next HoH? Highlights from the previous 24 hours in the Big Brother house.

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