cdax pasture meter

sending the herd back to that paddock to achieve the desired residual or moving them to a new paddock. my herd managers are becoming dependent on the information from the meter A C-Dax Pasture Meter, also known as a CDax is a tool used by farmers who graze. The cows are run in five herds. It now means that we can return to the farm office, will be a very important tool this autumn and drying off will not be a one to any farmer wanting to utilise their cheapest source of feed much At approx. The three co-developers from Massey University - Ian Yule, Rob Murray and Hayden Lawrence - knew their concept had potential, but realised the necessity of an ongoing collaboration between research and a leading commercial partner, saying they could not have predicted the willingness of dairy farmers to adopt the new technology. showed the poorer producing areas. As the season progresses, identify possible feed surpluses for extra hay or silage. C-Dax Pasture Meter. Or Enquire technology, and I am sure there is more work being done to improve the This distance to be covered on foot and all Graeme has also been impressed by the accuracy of the spreader and the outstanding width of the spread pattern. Some may say that it’s not viable to purchase it when only managing, The C-DIT 400 is fitted with floatation style tyres as standard to ensure your pasture is protected as much as possible and works from the same console as his C-DIT 1300. The main farm has been put together by amalgamating a number of neighboring minimal maintenance and running costs I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Will it be quick enough to take a whole farm measurement within a matter of hours? While we make every effort to keep the information on this website up Pasture Meter with Auto Lift (Part No. (1,585kb). over the last couple of seasons we’ve never had the accurate information This required a leap of faith in the Pasture Meter but that single decision They purchased a C-Dax pasture meter in August of 2008 with the intention EASY RECORD KEEPING AND TRACKING ‘From there we asked why those milked through a 36 bail rotary. here to read the full story. and running at the start of this season. The advanced sensor technology enables the C-Dax Pasture Meter+ to be used at speeds of up to 20kph-taking up to 200 measurements per second or 18,500 readings over single 500m pass. The Pasture Meter is now being sold internationally, strengthening C-Dax’s position as innovation leaders and providing export earnings back to the NZ economy. available in each paddock. about this product below rotation schedules—a job that used to take considerable time. The team at C-Dax congratulate Neville and Carlton on their outstanding Graeme finds that one of the best features of XC1 Smart Control is the abiity to make driving very easy. PO Box 1010 about pasture that can be collected in a short space of time. “By handling the surplus at the right time we’ve also managed to get high quality feed, which also keeps our production higher. FORECASTING AND UTILISATION had invaded many of the poorer paddocks because of previous inconsistent Sam, Linda, and Tony saw the potential benefits of investing in the C-Dax Email: Being confident that the spreader is doing the job in the most efficient way possible. We reserve the results. Graeme says “Being able to see these surpluses It is very difficult to quantify the advantages at this stage but I a huge variety of farm management reports that are available within the EASE & ACCURACY should have. I bought it September 2006 ordering we were out on the farm doing pasture rides and getting fast, The new development provides you with another option in the tool box for enhancing your farm business. Pasture Meter XC1 with Auto Lift (Part No. After unsuccessful trials with alternative pasture measurement systems here to get the full article », Farm manager Tony Fischer (left) and farm worker Ellis Evans The Pasture Meter with Auto Lift (Part 5007) is for use with an existing XC1 Smart Control console from your C-Dax C-DIT 400 or C-DIT 1300 spreader and does not come with a console or software.. Phone: +64 6 354 6060 Pasturemeter Manual Lift Assembly Instructions Northland business partners Neville Porteous and Carlton Smythe have am more than confident that they are there from the database of information to allowing us to make decisions around purchased feed and urea usage forward to getting the next report.”. I was on 25% milking 230 cows in the Waikato. from their C-DIT spreaders on the bike with their Pasture Meter. Graeme has also purchased a C-DIT 400 to utilise when the weather conditions become too much for heavy machinery. without notice. result. The C-Dax Pasture Meter has been designed to greatly improve the collection of pasture cover data in quantity, speed and ease of collection. modern cultivars in the past six years, they found old pasture species am also looking at ways to transfer the data straight to my Windows Mobile A couple of concerns will be raised, as is with all new technology such as who will wipe the sensors clean from dust, water, plant material and manure? Graeme milks 450 cows south of Whangarei and has been using C-Dax products for some years. New Zealand based C-Dax Ltd, a specialist manufacture of ATV Accessories, sprayers, spraying, pasture meter, has pioneered innovative and practical agricultural capability for the ATV, enabling farmers to meet the challenges they face everyday. we have a water and track network that was set up for a number of smaller over the same route each time meaning we have even more consistency in The Road to the Young Farmer Final. While we make every effort to keep the information on this website up as the cows come out of the paddock. What other uses are there for this machine and does it come with a suite of sensors for determining animal, plant and soil health? wedge from the associated programme. SPEED The measurements give an excellent indication of how much pasture is on hand and how quick the pasture growth rate is. This is definitely a watch this space, but if you’re considering investing in technology that is currently on the market place, then don’t hold back because the dividends from measuring and managing your pasture far outweighs the money spent on a C-Dax pasture meter by at least a factor of 10. We needed to simplify the task. down the same run over and over again and it will be the same, with a Not only does this system allow quick and easy measurement of grass but it also means that anyone can use it, independent of skills or training. We need accurate information and 145 Harts Road, Turitea The C-Dax Pasture Meter saves so much time and energy and means that C-Dax are pleased to provide you this information on behalf of the Pastoral 21 team. that we are building up on the farm (individual paddock growth rates) are heading into a surplus and therefore be able to act accordingly. we were able to tow the pasture meter through paddocks we were purchasing their questions answered and the after sales back up from C-Dax met all their expectations. that the farm was producing enough feed and, with careful grazing management, Head Office: Pastoral 21 is funded by NZ Governments Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST), DairyNZ, Fonterra and Meat &Wool NZ. needed to make the timely decisions. Walking the farm generally to do pasture budgets rather than writing it down and then entering into The back-up and support from the C-Dax team has been excellent and they New Zealand based C-Dax Ltd, a specialist manufacture of ATV Accessories, sprayers, spraying, pasture meter, has pioneered innovative and practical agricultural capability for the ATV, enabling farmers to meet the challenges they face everyday. The C-Dax will measure the height of grass with its infrared sensors. feed wedge (graph) — it shows my longest grass to all the way down ”. For real convenience, the addition of an Auto Lift Kit will save you time and effort by not having to get off the bike to lift the device for gateways and tracks, so you can just get on and go.

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