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); Je n’en ai rien à branler! This may be the most versatile, nuanced French swear word. Last 300 years. Then she got out of there. This word is used a lot in France, and more commonly used for men than for women. She’s currently a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. garce – Bitch. With FluentU, you can learn French from music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks. We'll email you once a week with great tips for learning languages faster and more effectively. Salaud – A real son of a bitch. I happily impressed her, saying my name in French, rattling off the basic French pleasantries and, of course, describing gendered words. du pouvoir en 2012, année dont il a déclaré qu’elle sera celle de l’avènement d’une Corée du Nord en « Nation Puissante et Prospère »). Connard/Connasse. régiront le monde nouveau pour l’éternité. Se taire – Shut up! Characterized by wickedness or immorality. Armed with this list now you, too, can go forth and (when reasonable) pepper your conversation with them, if you choose. Beyond the bad word: If you’ve been to France or follow French pop culture, you may be surprised to see that many stars call themselves Enfoirés. Funny how, while reading, I was impressed with the precision of your English idioms – convinced as I was that you were French ???? He doesn’t give a shit! Incredible how women perpetuate this garbage. Nouns with one of the following endings will usually be masculine: Un collège (a middle school, not a university). In this short article, we explain and provide some examples of the most common French verb tenses you'll come across. Ducon – A portmanteau of con and the common French last name Dupont (the equivalent of Smith in English), this is something you can yell at a man who is acting like an insipid idiot. We’ll start with some masculine nouns: Mon père porte toujours un chapeau. Quelle casse-couille! Some professional titles, however, have widely accepted feminine forms. Some French curse words to know, but never use. grande ville, Babylone, ville forte, parce qu’en, of the first Ninja Gaiden, implying a lot of good things, but also a few, Team Ninja a fait d'assez lourds changements au niveau du système de vie, rendant le jeu à la fois plus stressant car chaque combat peut être fatal, mais aussi plus tranquille car il n'y plus ou presque à gérer, le point faible de l'opus précédant (y compris. adjective feminine ), Nous avons perdu notre chien parce que nous avons oublié de l’attacher au piquet. There is a feminine form of this word, but I’ve never seen or heard it used – this seems to be an insult mostly reserved for men. Baiser – To fuck This can be used literally (On a bien baisé — We had a good fuck.) Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. s’emmerder – to be bored shitless. (My new apartment costs less than the one downtown. I know it seems like an unnecessary hassle, but keeping nouns’ genders straight is simply essential to mastering French. You can do an online search for “Swear words from [country/region]” to get a more extensive list pertaining to the place that interests you. It’s often used in French comedies when a person is getting angry or upset – and in those cases, where it doesn’t seem particularly violent or full of loathing, it could be best translated as “Shut the hell up!” or even simply “Shut up!”. adjective, adverb, noun masculine However, it is important to master the rules as well as the exceptions because agreement of gender in a sentence is fundamental to structuring the sentence correctly. I was enamored with the language, soaking up every new word and already dreaming of the day I would stroll with confidence down the streets of Paris. (I told you not to buy lotto tickets instead of paying rent – there you go, you really fucked yourself!). Although it’s never appropriate to say in front of kids or authority figures, depending on context and tone, its meaning can in some cases be as watered down as simply, “Whoa!”, putain de… – fucking…  As in, Mon putain de congélateur ne marche pas – il va falloir manger toutes les glaces. It’s not a verb, so does not describe the act of fucking or of being fucked over; instead, it can be an exclamation pertaining to a range of emotions – frustration, anger, joy, surprise, awe. STRICTLY fans fear the high scores dished out by judges early this series will make the show boring. Many professions have masculine and feminine forms, as do the words 'dog' and 'cat'. The suffix -asse is frequently used to suggest (or add on) obscenity or vulgarity. It literally means “little testicle.”  Although there is a feminine form, I’ve personally never heard a woman called this – and using it seems to be more common among men, at least in my experience. “T’es con !” Can be said to a friend with a smile to say “you’re funny” affective sense. Choose from 500 different sets of masculine french adjectives flashcards on Quizlet. Why wasn't this page useful? Cunt in Old English meant “birth canal” which I do not think is a meaning of which to be ashamed. And if you are American, don’t say “fanny” in England. Rien à foutre (de) – Don’t give a fuck. On se casse ? With interactive captions, FluentU lets you tap on any word to see a definition and grammar info including noun genders. about “sassy bitch,” etc. Continuing with the medical example, following the standard rules of feminizing a masculine French word, un médicin (a doctor) would become une médicine, which already exists and refers to the field of medical science. Beyond the bad word: Unlike English, the French language has different, specific words for the different forms of “fuck”. It’s used all the time, especially on reality TV and by teens across France, and is only moderately obscene. Then again, this can be hard to gauge, since we all have our own personal vocabulary and some situations may call for modifying what words you use, etc. It’s the gros mot we all imagine the French saying, but like most stereotypes about the French, this one isn’t true. (She put the necklace in her pocket. Today, although it would make logical sense to have feminine forms, that idea is met with resistance for complex reasons. And it’s is others’ right not to be offended. it does not usually change its form in the plural (or feminine). I’ve never felt more French. Every noun in French is classified as either masculine or feminine in gender. Une langue (a language) is feminine. Here are a few examples of feminine French nouns that follow the rules: Dans toute ma vie, je n’ai jamais goûté quelque chose de si délicieuse! Here are some to look out for so you can predict a noun’s gender that you don’t know. Foutre le bordel – Make a bloody mess. Beyond the bad word: There are a number of common expressions with foutre, and not all of them are obscene. What a troublemaker! Most of the men surveyed regarded shopping as boring. (As soon as she knows her sister has a crush on a boy, she tells him. Learning French becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. First, we’ll look at a few masculine nouns that have traditionally female endings: Ma tante a besoin de la chirguie du cœur.

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