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Parents Of Niki And Gabi. Another thing that has helped me get through each day is knowing that this life is only temporary and we are all visitors here on this earth. Yes, it is extremely painful and some days it is so heavy it makes me fall, but I learned to get back up and continue to carry it just like Jesus had to do for us. ( Log Out /  Gaby and her older brother Alex lived with their parents in the family's corner store, or bodega. My beautiful daughter Gabrielle was born on January 26, 2007. Gabby loved to sing and dance. While her teammates go to Hurston, Gaby goes to Washington Elementary School. Videos divertidos con juguetes de Gaby y Alex Funny Videos with Toys from Gaby and Alex. She and Gabi originally created their YouTube channel as nikiandgabibeauty; they published their first video on the same day of September 3, 2012. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. She loved all kinds of food. =). He loved the outdoors and enjoyed swimming and other water related sports. Gaby was eventually found out about stealing from the bodega register, but to make matters worse, Lieutenant McQuade questioned Gaby about the theft of a model spaceship, the QTC 5000, that was supposed to be used for a Galaxy Girl event at Hurston Middle School. They are the only people who can relate to me and know how it feels. She was a superstar, everywhere she went she made sure to leave her mark so that no one would ever forget her. (Blaze Berdahl) Lenni Frazier You Gotta Believe,, "Best speller in her class," as Gaby herself put it, Gaby is in the epilogue of the 2019 reboot Ghostwriter book. My handsome son Alexander was born on January 22, 2002, he was 11 years old when he left this world. I believe that we all have a mission to accomplish before we leave and after that mission is accomplished, I will be joining my children again. However, as Alex pointed out, they had to work in secret to avoid any inquisitions from Gaby about their activities. It is called Grieving with Hope and Faith; we meet once a month at the Chaldean Sisters Convent in Farmington Hills. He had a mature personality, but he was also funny and liked to make people laugh. First, I showed them their housing and the beach and we went shopping. She was always happy and so full of life. On July 14, 2013 there was nothing I could do to save my two beautiful children when a horrific boating accident took their lives in just one second. The most difficult part of losing my children has been trying to live and trying to stay strong for my surviving daughter Adriana. One thing that I found to be comforting is to talk to other mothers who have also lost a child. Kids Toy Videos US - Gaby and Alex Pretend Cooking Breakfast for Mama. She also enjoyed riding her bike and swimming. One minute I had everything that I could’ve ever asked for, a beautiful family with three amazing and healthy children and the next minute everything was taken away from me. En tout cas, j’espère qu’on nous confondra pas toi et moi ! He has provided us with the strength that we never thought we had. Then in the third season, she had the old bedroom all to herself now. Meanwhile, the real culprits behind the "Cutesie" ship theft—the creators of "Galaxy Girl," twins Abigail and Jordan Jefferson—were exposed. He was also very independent and responsible. I have ever been there so I show you only some new pictures: The evening, we came back without problems to Halmstad. Family Life. See you soon . Boo Kids & Toys. As the show progressed, a few key traits about Gaby were revealed: At one time, a strong desire outshined Gaby's better judgment. During the afternoon, a choir, a piano and an orchestra were training themself for a concert. Without too many details, here are the picture: Statue of a Nordic Deity (from Göteborg Museum). My heart is shattered into a million pieces. Brother and sister Alex and Gaby, residents of the United Kingdom, team up for videos about toys, challenges, and kids activities. Why didn’t God save my children? How can you possibly feel my pain? He knew the make and model of every car. He was a very bright student. He had a mature personality, but he was also funny and liked to make people laugh. They have all become a part of our family and still continue to provide us support and spiritual guidance. ( Log Out /  Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The only way to survive in this life is to keep your faith and trust in God. It had a dividing curtain in the middle for privacy. Videos divertidos con juguetes de Gaby y Alex Funny Videos with Toys from Gaby and Alex. Alex had a wonderful caring heart, he was always willing to help others. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Gaby and Alex are the most family friendliest kids Channel on YouTube. We hope you will enjoy these pages and come back regularly to visit. I say “God”, he has given John and I the grace to be able to live through all the pain and suffering. Pictures coming soon…, Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment, J’aime bien la photo de garde… On y voit toi et Evariste ! Her favorite things to do when she was home was to play dress up and put on make-up. Gabby was not picky with her food like Alex. Trivia. Color Kid Toys. Their housing . He loved to play and watch basketball; his favorite team was the Detroit Pistons, and he wished he could one day play in the NBA. He enjoyed bike riding and playing video games with his friends. Niki and Gabi were born in a dentist's family where both parents Jeffrey DeMartino and mother Nelida Garcia-DeMartini, are dentists. 11:39. Jon Ungoed-Thomas and David Collins. They assured that she was still one of them and that everybody does bad things sometimes. However, also in her dreams, were her friends. Gabriella "Gaby" Fernandez (portrayed by Mayteana Morales, seasons 1 & 2; Melissa Gonzalez, season 3) is Alex's younger sister. The channel was created in 2012. This pain is so unbearable; this pain feels like a knife stabbing me in the heart every minute of the day. Aside from their parents, they have an elder sister, Alex, and a younger brother named Anthony. Each one is a great example of what faith means and how to act on faith in a way to find hope and undertakein our mission to serve God. Et moi j’y suis pas, snif ! 5. Jon Ungoed-Thomas and David Collins. He loved being around family and friends; he especially liked hanging out with his older cousins. She even began have bad dreams where she was Galaxy Girl and a Makva that resembled Lt. McQuade continuously accused her to her face about her crimes. I never knew there were so many wonderful people out there in this world. When you lose a child, your life will never be the same again. She has endured so much pain at such a young age. Then at the end of the second season, her brother and her dad build Alex his own bedroom in one of the spare storage rooms. Bin Bin Toys. When people ask me how are you able to live through all this? At that moment my life completely turned upside down. I just tell them thank you and to please pray for my family, that is the only thing that anyone can do at this point. Alex, Jamal and Lenni were already working the "case" to identify the thieves. Here it's our blog, which illustrates our travel and our life in Halmstad, Sweden ! She was our sunshine because she always had a big smile on her face. In episode one, Gaby's backpack was stolen by a masked thief while she and her brother Alex were walking to school. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Why is life so unfair? He walks us through every minute of every day. He was very athletic and loved all kinds of sports; his favorite sport was basketball. He knew the make and model of every car. There is nothing that symbolizes loss or grief more than a mother losing a child, let alone losing two children at the same time. People I don’t even know approach me and tell me that they just want to help and if there is anything that they can do for us. She enjoyed reading and writing, she always knew how to tell some good stories. Alex will always be remembered for his wonderful caring heart and his mature personality. First, I showed them their housing and the beach and we went shopping. She also loved playing with her dolls. On June 30, 2020, Gabi revealed that the lead single would be released in the first week of August. We look forward to another beautiful event and appreciate our community’s support in this cause. Gaby and Alex, the YouTube mites raking in £1m a year Home videos have put two siblings at the top of the social media giant’s British chart. During the "Am I Blue?" Alex was a picky eater; his favorite foods were: pizza, tacos, spaghetti, watermelon and chocolate ice cream. She had an unforgettable and unique personality. Gaby and her older brother Alex lived with their parents in the family's corner store, or bodega. Ghostwriter nearly faded from existence as a result of the in-fighting among the four members, and after Rob, Jamal and GW formed a letter to the team reminding them of some of their past adventures together, the fights and disagreements ended. He could not wait until he turned 16 years old so that he could get his driver’s license and his own car. This person began to reveal themselves to Gaby when the dream cut off...all Gaby could say was "Ghostwriter!" She liked having friends over for play dates. Her brother Alex who has his own separate channel sometimes features in some of the her videos. She later revealed that backpacks were stolen from other students at her school. This is why we havestarted a support group for our Chaldean community for grieving families. During another outing, Gaby and Alex were at odds with Tina and Lenni over a misunderstanding following an accident between Mr. Fernandez and Max Frazier, Lenni's dad.

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