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I … I think youth work is genuinely the key,” AJ says, before we even bring up the stats. The first time I touched radio, I got a reload, and I was like, yo. I have my lane, I have to be grateful that I’m not in the streets trapping. I’m not saying things that are negative or derogatory, it’s just a bit coarse, a bit vulgar. People are gonna see these lot actively trying to stop the black youth from prospering and this is how we get around it, by talking about it, highlighting it, saying it’s stupid and moving on.”, AJ has a track record of clapping back against injustice. And that’s flow, mic control and ability. “I think it’s a spectrum: all the time I’m OK, and sometimes I’m happy. ', which featured the likes of Craig David and Denzel Curry. !’ That’s genuinely what she said. Growing up in the estates around London’s Portobello Road and Ladbroke Grove, AJ would hit local youth clubs in order to lay down his earliest tracks. He told 'BBC Newsbeat': "Obviously I wanted to enjoy the music and achieve artistic success, but I wanted to give my family an opportunity to live a better life. The stars align, as Mike Skinner would say. Shelley Luton, 51, a mum of one who works for a college, decided to transform her existing brown leather sofa…, Gold price hits record high amid fears over coronavirus crisisInvestors buy precious metal as concerns grow over global economy and US-China row It all make sense now. So when he got paid £150 to do a show, the cash vindicated all of the hours of practice, late nights at radio and sheer belief in himself. I try not to censor myself because what I write first time is what I want to say.” He toasts the finer things in life, brushes off rivals and haters with a cheeky glint and paints vivid images of his heady sexual encounters. AJ Tracey bought his mum a house after independent success ‘Ladbroke Grove’ artist has been releasing music without a record label since the beginning of his career. AJ Tracey has admitted "whatever I do now is a bonus" after he bought his mum a house. He denies his graphic lyrics are sexist or disrespectful. Whatever I do now is a bonus. AJ Tracey has admitted "whatever I do now is a bonus" after he bought his mum a house. “Some kids are not made for education, and it’s inevitable that they’re not going to fit into the system, so what do we do? Even before that, my mum and dad say they had more opportunities than us, so it’s kind of dwindling.”. The rapper released his debut self-titled album last year, and scored a top 5 hit with 'Ladbroke Grove', and the track named after the area he is from in west London went on to be nominated for Song of the Year at the 2020 BRITs. And AJ was schooled in UK garage in the estate in which he grew up, which was awash with the sound when he was younger. Eventually your time will run out.”, It’s 2019 but black male graduates are still paid 17 per cent less than their white colleagues and, in the case of elite unis, don’t even get offered a place at all. But as an MC, as a mic controller, I’m telling you: there’s no-one else even close.”, You could say it was always meant to be. Signing a record deal would have given me financial comfort but now I’ve done it my way, it doesn’t really matter.”, Revealing that he only worked with a “small team”, AJ, real name Ché Wolton Grant, said that working independently allowed him to feel like his success was all off his own back. Being grateful is one of the keys to being happy. I don’t doubt people are great rappers, lyricists, wordsmiths. Download the new Independent Premium appSharing the full story, not just the headlinesDownload now“I’ve done that now by buying my mum a house. “I’m a very sexual person. Monorail between Montgomery and Frederick counties would generate billions in economic benefits, study says, Dimitrov dumps out Tsitsipas in Vienna, Thiem to play Rublev, Megababe founder Katie Sturino wants to hear all about your thigh chafing, boob sweat, and body odor, Triple Barrel Curling Irons Will Give You the Beach Waves of Your Dreams, Credit Suisse misses analyst expectations with a 38% fall in net profit, Ocon can’t wait to return to ‘favourite track’ Imola, Rouge pilots putting NZ's endangered species at risk, Trump’s diversity training order faces US lawsuit, 'Target on his head': Wallabies star's threat to All Blacks rookie Caleb Clarke, Queen Letizia stuns in baby blue with audiences at Zarzuela Palace, Beyoncé's New Ivy Park x Adidas Collection Is Finally Here, Sony shares pop on strong outlook. The girl who’s in my video on the ceiling doing acrobatics – bruv, I can’t do that, that is a talent, that’s crazy,” he says. He smiled, as if the thought had crossed his mind before, but didn’t bite. Was his gran simply warning him that he’d have to work twice as hard? AJ Tracey’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and his father’s name is under review. Trying to look at what other people are doing, not healthy. The West London MC relishes festival season and is looking forward to doing a victory lap around European summertime following the Top 3 chart success of his self-titled debut album. Ask your daughter” – solidifies his point. “Sonically we’re nothing alike,” AJ says. “It happens, man. All Of Your Questions Answered, The Real Reason Your ‘Check Engine’ Light Is On. Local headlines and stories are HeadTopics.com immediately. Sitting around, smoking weed, drinking loads of alcohol and not leaving your house is really not healthy. Produced by TSB & Remedee this song captures the energy of the moment. The “Ladbroke Grove” musician has been releasing music independently since 2011. He did a year at uni but dropped out because he wasn’t feeling it and wanted to take music seriously, something his mum co-signed. Read more: The Independent ». They speak of success, sure, but also where he came from: a kid surreptitiously selling chocolate bars at school in order to save up for a pair of £50 Air Force 1s with a sky blue sole that all the older guys were wearing, including early inspiration and mentor Ice Kid. AJ Tracey’s self-released album, ‘AJ Tracey’, is out now, Seb Wheeler is Mixmag's Head Of Digital. But there are poignant moments, too, like the blink-and-you’ll-miss it “Had to jump off road because my mum couldn’t take it” from his Fire In The Booth, viewed 5.6 million times. Whatever I do now is a bonus. Signing a record deal would have given me financial comfort but now I've done it my way, it doesn't really matter.". “Their morals in the Carribean are like, ‘Yo, education is the be all and end all. His little brother introduced him to the music of Dave, which would lead to the pair’s breakout 2016 collab ‘Thiago Silva’. He saved most of the money before his friend Jammz gave him a tenner to get him over the line, and he legged it to the store straight after school to cop. “Mosh pit. “But in terms of having the drive to do that, and showing me how to write lyrics when I was young, obviously he inspired me.” AJ’s godbrothers, Dice and Moss, also tutored him from the age of nine, and he appeared on stage at the BRIT Awards aged 12 as a backing dancer for Gorillaz. “I just like everyone going wild – I’m more for the anarchy side of things,” he says, with a mischievous laugh. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. You made it bro, congratulations ❤ ajtracey behaviour ajtracey Does anyone have a picture of the house ajtracey ajtracey ’s do what ’s do, AJ Tracey: 'There's no massive machine pushing me'The rapper talks about missing live music, the Black Lives Matter movement and Tottenham's season. Since AJ started laying down YouTube freestyles and uploading tracks to SoundCloud at the start of the decade, 760 youth clubs have shut and 4,500 youth workers have lost their jobs across the UK. And if they’re on the street and they have no money, they will try to commit crime. Like many famous people and celebrities, AJ Tracey keeps his personal life private. Two nights ago he sold out the 5000-capacity Brixton Academy, delivering a tightly choreographed, time-coded show backed by visuals that referenced each of his tracks. You could be recording in there and police could come in and you’d go to jail. After a hectic few years of work, AJ is ready to take a break. He admitted in May: "I've run myself thin over the last few years. She said he didn’t cast strong women in AJ Tracey videos, after the ‘Psych Out!’ visual was shot in the Magic City strip club in Atlanta. His reaction to a braggadocious old bar – “Rinsing MCs without water / Who’s this MC? I’m not saying I’m not a good MC, but you could make the best music in the world and people get tired of you. It seems that AJ Tracey knows as well as anyone that life isn’t just moshpits and hits – even as he gets set for a summer of excelling at both. Initially performing under the name Looney, he adopted the AJ Tracey persona in 2014. “My reasoning was, if I can spit on drum ’n’ bass and get it perfect, when I spit on a grime set, it’s a piece of cake – which it was.”. You might say something to her like, ‘Gran, I can’t go and sit in that all-white pub in the Midlands because I’m black,’ and she’ll genuinely be like, ‘Why?’ She just sees me as her grandson and wants me to do whatever I wanna do and be happy. AJ is also set to release 'Secure The Bag 2', the sequel to 2017's 'Secure The Bag! I told my mum I was gonna drop out of uni and do music. “I was in the streets, with the mandem, just doing what I could to make money and live. I just didn’t want to do something to upset her.”, He worked a month at a barbecue restaurant but quit after his first pay cheque because management treated him like shit. So if I needed to go to the youth club and they’re feeding me, that’s great. I’ve got investments that no-one even knows about. Can’t wait to see the ‘who’ comments underneath Skepta did this years ago fam, Mum repaints her dated sofa blue for just £17.99 instead of buying a new oneA MUM transformed her dated brown leather sofa into a chic blue settee for just £17.99. What’s it like navigating this climate? She always boosted me up. I’ve been to the doctors and they said I have depression and anxiety, but they said it’s normal, don’t bug out about it, just try to stay healthy. I’ll be happy and come down and sometimes I’ll go down and come back up. Energy.” AJ Tracey ’s describing a typical festival set in three words. I showed her an invoice, like, ‘Look, I’m getting paid a thousand pounds for a show.’ She said, ‘Why is anyone paying a thousand pounds to see you?

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